Yanks-Sox Postponed; 6 Players in COVID-Protocol

Despite reaching the 85% vaccinated threshold seemingly forever ago, the Yankees are once again dealing with a mass COVID scare in 2021. The league postponed tonight’s game against the Red Sox as a result. We don’t know when they’ll play the game, nor do we know the status of the rest of the weekend’s slate. Fun! It would make sense to assume a double-header would come in the near future, but we can’t be so sure, unfortunately. It’s a complicated situation! Let’s break it down.

First, the outbreak itself. Six Yankees are currently in COVID protocol, per Brian Cashman. That includes three players who have tested positive and three cases that are pending. All of them are players. Here’s the breakdown, given what we know right now:

  • Confirmed Positives: Jonathan Loaisiga, Nestor Cortes Jr., Wandy Peralta
  • Cases Pending: Aaron Judge, Kyle Higashioka, and Gio Urshela

The good news is that all of the players are asymptomatic, which is the most important issue. Most of the players are vaccinated, according to Brian Cashman. (That includes all three positive cases.) Some players got the J&J shot; others an mRNA. Loaisiga, who tested positive a week or so ago, is quarantining in Houston. There are obviously roster implications here. We won’t know them until we really know who is positive and who isn’t. We’ll have more on that once we, well, know more about that.

The bad news is, well, basically everything else. Judge was obviously at the All-Star game this week, which means that the rest of the league now needs to be on notice. This significantly complicates the contact tracing due to the nature of the ASG. Remember, every team is represented at the game. This could become a hairy situation very quickly, particularly for AL clubs.

In fact, it already is for Boston. The team sent five players to Denver, not all of whom are vaccinated. Obviously, that means that this could easily spread to their clubhouse – which has not yet met the 85% vaccinated threshold, either. It’s not clear what the next steps are, or when the Yankees will play again. We’ll see, I guess.

This definitely makes MLB look bad, though. There was not a mask in sight – which I didn’t notice, honestly, but it looks bad in hindsight. It was naive of me, but I sort of just expected that everyone was vaccinated! That was dumb of me. Now, MLB might have an outbreak on its hands. It’s unbelievable.

Anyway, here is some additional information on the Yankees:

There will be more to come from all of this, of course. We’ll keep you posted on scheduling, test results, and the roster implications as we learn more. Sigh. The nightmare season continues, eh?


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  1. Mikenyc2007

    Explain why world class athletes cannot play baseball, yet other asymptomatic, vaccinated persons can go about their daily lives as usual monitoring their health condition? Is this a CBA/union thing?

  2. Not sure why they are still testing asymtomatic players…. but, whatever.

  3. If Gleyber was a false positive, why did it take all this time to confirm it? He essentially missed ten days for no reason. What does this say about the testing process?

  4. Tim Loceddardstro

    Heads better roll, Bobby. This is a cluster. How worthless is this Yankee training/medical staff? Gleyber sat out a week for a fake positive. Why? They had an outbreak among coaches earlier and now players. No other team has had one outbreak let alone two. And MLB is almost as bad. They let an infected player go to the ASG and infect the entire league! And now Judge is out for at least a week. They should just cancel this season.

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