Yankees to promote Chris Gittens

As Lindsey tweeted, the Yankees are bringing up Chris Gittens in advance of tonight’s game against the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. The team had to do something about the offense, which has been nothing short of dreadful this season. While giving Gittens an opportunity is no surefire solution, it’s the easiest change that the front office can make right now.

We profiled Gittens a few days ago in anticipation of this move. Go read that to further familiarize yourself with the 27 year-old power-hitting first baseman. Tonight, expect him in the starting lineup against southpaw Eduardo Rodriguez, who gets the ball for Boston. It could be a pretty favorable matchup for Gittens:

The Yankes need to clear a 40-man roster spot in order to add Gittens today. I’m guessing someone from the 10-day injured list (Corey Kluber, Ryan LaMarre, or Luke Voit) gets transferred to the 60-day to clear space. We’ll update this post with the official transaction once announced.


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  1. DZB

    I would think that Kluber is the most likely 60 day IL candidate, while Ford could be a DFA possibility (and re-sign on a minor league contract perhaps) – is anyone going to go after a player like Ford? He has been awful for quite a while and his .561 OPS is just horrendous for a 1B (well, for anyone, but for a 1B in particular).

  2. Cary

    We also have to admit a very sobering yet realistically possible scenario might be that the Yankees are with their record says they are. Things could get worse. Does anyone actually believe that the Yankees are capable of closing the gap on Tampa with the current team the way it’s constructed? 4 and 1/2 games can turn into 10 games pretty quickly. This current group of Yankees is literally staring at becoming irrelevant and out of contention by the end of June. Folks, we are in a serious situation here.

    The Yankees could easily continue to gently slide several more games out of first place and by the trade deadline it might not be worth it to scuttle the system just to find a center fielder. At which point – The Yankees might want to consider becoming sellers.

    Chapman has some value right now. As do Britton & O’Day. The Yankees might want to retool the farm system a little bit and focus on the next couple of years.

    I fully realize that Stanton has a no trade clause, but if he were offered the opportunity to go to a West Coast contender, such as San Diego or LA, would either of those teams take him as a salary dump? Certainly he could make a big difference in the heart of either of theses team’s lineups and they may see an opportunity to play him regularly in the OF and keep him healthy that way.

    The Yankees could kind of reset themselves financially and identify who they really want to build around for the next couple of years. I would think Aaron Judge would be at the core of any rebuild strategy. Hopefully creating a more balanced lineup would also be part of an overarching game plan.

    Gleyber Torres definitely has some trade value. The Yankees left-handed hitters are anemic. Any rebuild would absolutely have to create better balance.

  3. Cary

    This is a good first step towards improving the defense. Gittens is a plus defender and that will allow DJ LeMahieu to play more 2B where he can make an impact. Basically this one move fixes the right side of the defense. Gittens has a good eye and he doesn’t generally swing at bad pitches. Obviously he’s got excellent power but he can also hit for pretty good average.

    Hopefully this is not the first move the Yankees make internally. The Yankees need to stop giving out bats to Frazier, Odor, Sanchez & Gardy. These guys are of no more use to the Yankees. It’s absolutely time to switch things up and put some players in there who can bring some energy & offensive results to the table.

    Thomas Milone would be an excellent addition to the outfield. The Yankees could demote Frazier or, look to trade Odor or Gardy. Milone makes great contact and brings a ton of versatility to the outfield.

    The Yankees have some other pieces they can promote, Britto, Amburgy..etc

    Then, the next step might be deciding what to do with Gary Sanchez. Honestly I think Cashman should make every attempt to move him before the deadline. The Yankees have two guys in the minors with plenty of majorly experience to come up and be a backup catcher. Rob Brantley hits from the left side and he’s a pretty solid defensive catcher. I’m sure the pitching staff would appreciate him and if Sanchez can be used as part of some package then the Yankees might be able to acquire a real difference maker in CF.

    Along with Frazier perhaps the Yankees could put a package together for Ketel Marte. Obviously the Yankees would have to part with serious prospects but if there’s any hope of climbing back into this race, Cashman needs to build a package the Diamondbacks can’t resist.

    Garcia, Sanchez, Gil, Duran & Florial might get the ball rolling. Arizona would take a very deep look at the Yankee organization from top to bottom and they would identify a package that might sting for sure, but Cashman needs to make a decision here. Finish somewhere in the middle of the division or make a real push.

    Severino is hopefully coming back soon. The bullpen will be bolstered also with various guys returning from injuries. Fixing CF is an absolute must if the Yankees want to do anything this year.

    • Steve

      “All our guys are awful, so trade them for good prospects and guys who aren’t awful to be our new core”.

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