Yankees to place Cameron Maybin on Injured List

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Well, the Yankees had just started to get healthy, but it’s 2019–that meant that another injury had to come. This time, unfortunately, it’s fan-favorite Cameron Maybin. He was on base for Gary Sánchez’s monster home run last night, and as he rounded third base, he felt a “pop”, according to Lindsey Adler. Aaron Boone told reporters that the injury was a calf strain and that Maybin will be placed on the IL:

Maybin has hit .314/.391/.500 (139 wRC+) in 133 plate appearances for New York, and his Twitter feed has quickly endeared him to the Yankees faithful. Maybin survived the return of Aaron Judge for one (1) whole day before the injury. Baseball is brutal. It really is.

Now, none of this is official yet, and no word on the replacement, but you have to imagine that it’ll be either Nestor Cortes Jr., who has been quite effective, or Mike Tauchman if the Yankees want to keep the 4-man bench. I’ll update once we get official word.


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  1. The injury train that is the 2019 Yankees keeps collecting bodies. It’s seriously insane and a major bummer. That being said, somehow the Yankees keep on winning no matter what. It has been a wild first three months of the season but fun as hell so far!

  2. RetroRob

    Likely Tauchman to start and then they’ll call up Cortes again once he reaches 10 days in the minors.

    Judge only just returned with minimal prep in the minors, and Stanton is barely ahead of him, playing only a few games in the field. With Hicks’ shoulder aching, and Gardner being 35 and playing a ton in CF, the Yankees actually needed to keep Maybin around for a week or two more to transition Judge and Stanton back up to game shape. Maybin might have lasted through the London series since they’ll probably be able to expand the rosters (meaning add pitchers) for that series, but he’d be gone after that. The Yankees are built around their pen for one thing, and second they’re going to have activate German within a couple weeks. Maybin’s chances of surviving more than a couple weeks was almost non-existent unless another major injury hit an OFer. It did. It was him!

    Strangely, his injury improves his chances of remaining with the Yankees for a longer period. DL for a couple weeks, then they can send him on a rehab assignment for up to 20 games in the minors. That way they can keep him around in case there is another injury. If not, his days on the active roster are basically done.

  3. Brian

    These things always have a way of working themselves out, and what do you know

  4. CountryClub

    The Yankees are going to rest regulars almost every game, they’ve made that clear. Hopefully today we’ll see the full strength lineup.

    • RetroRob

      Maybe. When Stanton returned they played in one game, then sat him the next. Will they do the same with Judge today?

  5. SM

    Oh great, Gardner will play even more. Ugh.

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