Yankees Tender Contracts to Entire 40-Man Roster

The 8:00 pm non-tender deadline has come and gone and the big Yankees news is that there is no news. According to the team, they tendered contracts to the entire 40-man roster:

In my opinion, the Yankees only really had one non-tender option in Chance Adams, though even he was a stretch given that the team protected him for the Rule 5 Draft. The 25-year-old righty was once a top prospect in the system but has struggled since undergoing surgery in 2017. He’s pitched just 33 innings in the big leagues, but he will have another opportunity to make his mark in 2020. Adams feels like a player who might thrive in a bullpen role. Anyway, that’s about all that happened that was notable on the Yankees’ end tonight.

There are a few players now available that might be of interest to the Yankees, though. Blake Treinen is the most notable of these, as the A’s did not offer him a contract today. They were apparently unable to make a trade, either. I covered him on Saturday, and while I think Treinen has a lot of red flags, he’s a good candidate for a back-end reliever on a bounce-back deal. (In fact, I thought an Adams for Treinen swap might have made sense.) He was baseball’s best reliever just a year ago, after all.

Another potential name to watch is Travis Shaw, who was let go by Milwaukee today. Although he was awful in 2019, he did post a .258/.347/.497 (120 OPS+) in 1,036 at-bats across 2017-18. Shaw is primarily a 3B but he split time at third, second, and first in 2018. The Yankees have been good at unlocking offensive talent over the last few years, and it’s possible they go after someone like Shaw if they let Didi Gregorius go. César Hernández of the Phillies is another option here, though not a particularly attractive one. The Cubs elected not to extend an offer to Addison Russell, but I want nothing to do with him at all.

The best player of these was Jonathan Villar, but Miami traded for him, taking the Orioles’ former best player off the board. Villar also made sense as a potential candidate, but no more. Honestly, good for Miami. That’s the first time we’ve been able to say that in a long time.

Finally, ESPN’s Jeff Passan has the full list of non-tenured players that you might find interesting:

Have a good night, everyone. Hopefully, we get some starting pitching rumors soon. That would be nice.


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  1. RetroRob

    Treinen is interesting, but I can’t imagine he’d want to sign with the Yankees. He now has some control over the team he lands at, and he’ll want either a closing role or a chance to win one. On the Yankees? He’s their 5th reliever. Russell seems like a perfect candidate to land on the O’s now that Villar is gone. Peraza another possibility. Collectively, with Moustakas signing with the Reds, I wonder how that will impact Didi’s market?

    Not surprised the Yankees didn’t non-tender anyone. No reason to at the moment. Hold all the talent and work on a trade or three.

    Gausman was horrible this year, although better with the Reds. I could see the Yankees giving him an invite, but some team will take a shot with a guaranteed contract hoping to unlock his talent away from the O’s.

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