Yankees Spring Training News & Notes: March 15, 2021


John Sterling and Michael Kay reunited for this afternoon’s broadcast on YES for the first time in two decades. A little bit of nostalgia was heartwarming on this freezing day in New York, no?

If you missed the duo’s reunion, you’ll have another chance to catch them together on March 22nd. That one’s a 6:30pm ballgame, so work may not interfere for some of you like it may have this afternoon.

Sterling and Kay got to call a 4-2 win over the Phillies. Domingo Germán was sharp again, which I’ll expand upon in a moment. Giancarlo Stanton had another nice game too. He tallied two hits, both absolutely crushed (110 and 120 MPH exit velos), and drove in two runs. Gary Sánchez and Rob Brantly pitched in a couple of RBI singles as well. Not that Grapefruit League records mean anything, but this win was the team’s sixth straight, moving the Yanks to 10-4. Now, onto the big story.

The Big Story: Domingo Germán one-ups Deivi García

Another day, another strong performance for Domingo Germán*. With this afternoon’s four scoreless frames, the righty has yet to allow a run this spring across 9 innings. He’s also ran a 13-1 strikeout-to-walk ratio and has only given up five hits. Germán’s outing comes on the heels of Deivi García’s fine start yesterday. The 21 year-old went three frames and allowed an unearned run.

Deivi’s certainly made a strong case, but he’s simply looking like the tough luck loser here. This is now the second consecutive start that German has pitched the day after García and put up zeroes. Sure, opening day is still two weeks away, so a lot can happen between now and then. Still, it’s hard to see Germán losing the job. He’s outpitched the competition, even if Deivi has given him a good run for his money. Besides, the fifth starter competition may not have been a real battle anyway.

As I wrote previously, the option to ease García into things at the Alternate Site probably gave German an edge in the first place. No need to load up Deivi’s innings in the early going given how important he is to this team’s long-term plans. Plus, García will be needed at some point this season. It’s not like he’ll go down for good. And as I mentioned on the podcast, I don’t think it’s service time manipulation either.

Workload management for Deivi aside, you can’t argue that he’s outpitched Germán anyway. Plus, German has another advantage in that he has experience in a relief role in the majors. Given the handful of April off days, the Yankees have already hinted at some flexible usage of the team’s fifth starter. We already know Germán can work in multiple roles.

*All this comes weeks after teammates (namely Zack Britton) sounded none to pleased about having Germán around. I guess as long as he pitches well, people are going to look the other way on his domestic violence suspension. We’ve seen that time and time again in the majors (with the Yankees themselves!), so it’s not really a surprise. Still doesn’t make it any less icky. As fans, we can hope that the league, team, and player are taking actual steps to make better. It’s just hard to be satisfied without knowing what’s happening behind the scenes. Nor is it easy to trust the league or team’s motives in these situations.


  • Gary Sánchez took a foul tip off his glove hand today, but is fine. It happened during Aaron Boone’s in-game interview with YES. The manager told the broadcast that his hand “cramped up” and that he’s fine. Regardless: ouch. There’s a reason they call the catcher’s gear the tools of ignorance.
  • A few injury updates to pass along: Robinson Chirinos will have surgery on his right wrist tomorrow and will need 4 to 6 weeks of recovery time. Miguel Andújar has a muscle strain and nerve issue in his right wrist, but no timetable has been provided for his return. Just the worst of luck for Miggy since 2018, huh. (Bryan Hoch)
  • Zack Britton had his surgery today. (from Zack, himself)
  • Luis Severino will throw bullpens twice weekly until he’s cleared to throw to hitters. He hasn’t starting throwing non-fastballs yet, but that could start relatively soon. (Hoch)


Room for Improvement: Deivi García


Rule 5 check-in: Trevor Stephan, Garrett Whitlock, and Kyle Holder


  1. MikeD

    I missed Sterling-Kay, although I understand they’ll do it one more time next week. Hope to catch it then, purely for nostalgia reasons.

  2. jason mork

    hey big bry. it must be very nice, although perhaps a bit lonely, to be the first person in over 2000 years to be perfect. i am glad that the first perfect person decided that people deserve second chances and preached and provided a path for forgiveness

    kapernick is not in the league because he lost his game. that happened before the other stuff. sports has definitely proven that they will forgive anything if someone can help them win and more importantly make money. so the face that he is not playin is proof of the face he can NOT play any more. people can say whatever they want about him working out and looking good and all that but if he could help a team he would be on a roster

    WHY all the skepticism from yankee fans about the yankees and their motives???? they yankees are not alone but they are definitely one of few teams in ALL sports that actually tries very hard to employ people of good character
    what i said about kapernick i meant it. LOTS of teams will put up with whatever behavior necessary if it gets more wins/ money! not true of the yankees!!!! sure you can make your statements about german and chapman. has there been ANY evidence of any wrongdoing from chapman since then?? and as i recall he was NOT prosecuted so maybe y’all should not convict him just because the media did! SAME with german!! but the yankees KNOW that they can bring these 2 because they KNOW they have a team and organization OVERFLOWING with great dudes with excellent character who will NOT tolerate that and will help those guys to grow and be better

    the yankees do NOT look ONLY at on field ability. EVERY time they trade for or pick up free agent or draft someone they research the person and the character as well!!! dont you read articles about guys they pick up?????

    what is the biggest reason they have wanted Cole all these years NOT simply talent. they loved his character when they researched him as a high school kid. they have maintained relationships around him throughout they were bringing in the MAN as much or more than the player

    same when they got Matt holiday, Cameron Maybin, Andrew Mccutchen, etc….. and the guys they draft
    maybe you have heard what a GREAT person dude by name of aaron judge is! WHY they overdrafted him
    it is why they all RAVE about miggy because he is an AMAZING person. that is a huge reason they do not want to give up on him!!!
    EVERY report about j dominguez raves about his character. OFF THE CHARTS
    also part why they traded for voit, tauchman, and urshela
    it is why they drafted gardy and why cashman has been such a gardy fan for his whole career. gardy was one of MAIN people supporting CC in the alcohol situation
    Tanaka great character
    best character of any athlete any sport in my lifetime- Mariano Rivera

    so HOW ABOUT y’all give the yanks a little break a little benefit of the doubt!!!! they try real hard to fill the team and organization with people who have integrity and character and they are succeeding!!! do they on occasion decide to give someone a second chance? YEP but i will bet you good money they think Clint, and gary, and chappy, and german are actually really good people who have made some bad choices or struggled through some challenges for various reasons but they believe they can help them to be successful and to change and to be people who can use their story to make a difference for others and they surround them with bunch of other really good people who hold them accountable and support them

    how about we stop assuming that we know everything. and trust the people who do this for a living and have done it VERY WELL for a long time. how about we give more love and less hate how about we give some forgiveness how about we give people a chance instead of throwing them on the garbage pile and then wondering why they cannot get their crap together

    SADLY i almost guarantee that those of us hating on these guys are people who preach tolerance to others on a very regular basis. tolerance means that EVERYONE is valuable and worthy. not just the people who act the way we like. and that includes brian and all that i disagree with. i believe you are valuable also, but i do hope you will seriously consider why you are so anxious to banish others and think about treating others the way you want to be treated, i am sure like all of us you have made mistakes and needed love and forgiveness. lets all give that to others


    • MikeD

      I don’t know, Jason from Mork. Feels like you dropped in from another dimension.

      Nanu. Nanu.

  3. Mungo

    It was interesting to catch Sterling and Kay doing a broadcast all these years on, although you could tell they were understandably off their game 20 years on. They were doing TV instead of radio; Kay has since moved on to be the lead broadcaster, while years back he played second-fiddle to Sterling; and then add in they’re not even at the game. Still, though, it was a nice diversion from the usual Spring Training game.

  4. Dan Hermann

    I absolutely don’t condone domestic abuse,but I’m puzzled why there’s so much focus on German, who we hope has turned over a new leaf, but not a word said about Aroldis Chapman, who the Yankees acquired as an indirect result of his domestic abuse issues.

  5. His name is Louis Cefarino.

  6. Brian M

    Not a fan of German but at some point we’re gonna have to let it go. There was no criminal charge, and the MLB issued their own form of punishment. Was it enough? Maybe not, but he served his punishment and now it’s up to German to move past his mistake and live a better life. Voit and Britton essentially said the same thing. Unless German actually does something new to draw attention to the issue then I think we should just put it to rest.

    • Kage

      Totally agree

    • Brian

      We don’t have to let it go. Some may decide to do that, but I won’t. I have no interest in rooting for him, or Chapman for that matter.

      Men have been exiled from leagues for far less (Colin Kaepernick, is the best recent example).

    • Mungo

      Brian, it’s not a question of letting it go, but giving it it’s proper place. I was a big advocate of German as he came up through the minors, so it’s disappointing that while I can root for him to help the Yankee team, I can no longer as a person.

      My concern now is if every time German’s name is mentioned we get a recap of a particular author’s personal feeling on the topic, which in turn causes an expected reaction from some readers, then this site might unfortunately be viewed as being exploitive of the unfortunate situation. It’s a fine line.

      I simply hope German has turned a new path, and the Yankees as an organization are providing support and counseling. My fear is they are not.

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