Yankees re-sign Joely Rodríguez

While you may have been getting ready for bed, the Yankees announced the team’s first free agent signing of the offseason. The team brought back lefty reliever Joely Rodríguez just a few days after declining his $3 million option for the 2022 season. The deal is reportedly worth $2 million. Note that the $500,000 buyout was the Rangers’ responsibility.

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Rodríguez, who turns 30 on Sunday, was terrific for the Yankees this season. He came over to New York along with Joey Gallo in the same deal with Texas before the trade deadline.

In 21 games (19 innings), J-Rod posted a 2.84 ERA and 3.01 FIP. The southpaw is somewhat of a misfit given that he’s far better against left-handed hitters in the time of the three-batter minimum rule, but the Yankees seemed to make the most of that skillset this year. He was death to left-handed hitters, who struck out 28.6 percent of the time against him.

The Yankees’ 40-man roster is now full with this signing, but you can expect some reshuffling in the coming week or so. The Rule 5 draft protection deadline is next Friday, and the Yankees could make a trade or two to clear space for some prospects to add.


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  1. Kevin

    If Britton is on the DL he doesn’t take up a roster spot.

  2. Wire Fan

    Ugh. I don’t get Cashman’s fixation on lefty relievers. This seem like a waste of a roster spot with Luetge and Peralta as lefty middle relief options.

    He’s not a bad reliever but how many lefties do you need for middle relief? He is also not a guy who can at least soak up innings in a blowout.

  3. MikeD

    Looking forward to Stephen Ridings being claimed by the Red Sox in the Rule 5.

    A bit surprised they used their last 40-man spot for Joely, but it does likely mean they have plans to clear additional space. Overall, they saved at least 500K by cutting and re-signing Rodriguez, although they could have saved up to a million based on the arbitration projection. Certainly worth the $2M, but I figured if he returned they’d do it post the Rule 5.

    Serious question: Why would they assign a valuable 40-man space to Britton, who may miss the entire season?

    • Derek

      I’d expect Ridings to be traded or protected by next Friday so I wouldn’t stress about that too much yet.

      As for Britton: insurance money.

  4. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    Good, Derek. I was hoping they’d re-sign him. That was 100% the right decision. He’s a cheap LOOGY that can be relied upon and we haven’t had one of those since Boone Logan in ’09. And he can get righties out so the 3 batter minimum doesn’t really hurt him. With Leutge and Joeley and Wandy there’s no shortage of quality lefties in the pen.

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