Yankees place Luke Voit and David Hale on injured list

The Yankees announced a couple of roster moves before this afternoon’s affair with the Diamondbacks. And really, they just cannot catch a break on the injury front. Voit could be out for six weeks if he needs surgery, which, yikes!

The Yankees won’t have word for another 24-48 hours regarding the necessity for surgery, which doesn’t allow the front office to play wait and see if they want to make a trade. They do have Edwin Encarnación, who can slide over from the DH spot, but then that role would need to be filled. Maybe it’ll be Clint Frazier if he’s not traded away. Or, the team can run with DJ LeMahieu at third and allow Gio Urshela to resume everyday play.


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  1. Wire Fan

    The Yankees need reinforcements. Even if DJ is healthy and they can cover for Voit short term, what happens if there are additional injuries in August?

    Hale has quietly been an effective reliever for the Yankees. He is basically what the Yankees seem to want Cessa to be. This explains why Cessa was in yesterday.

    Holder up just in time for the Boston series should be a lot of fun. With a doubleheader on Saturday, he’ll probably be in a bunch of games this weekend.

  2. Madrugador

    Part of winning the WS is luck. Keeping your core players healthy involves some of this. One thing is for sure, this team is not lucky this year.

  3. Mikenyc

    Funny that Frazier wasn’t called up as an extra bat with EE going to 1b…. guess they don’t want the drama in the clubhouse until the trade deadline passes, especially with a Day game today… if he is still a Yank, it’s all sunshine when he gets promoted by the weekend… if he is gone then it isn’t a distraction

    • Wire Fan

      I think it is telling. The Yankees are now carrying three backup IFs (Urshela, Wade, Valera). Even if they are worried about LeMahieu, do they need both Wade and Valera on the bench?

      I wonder if Valera is just up for today’s game and Cashman is waiting to see what happens today. If they don’t get anyone or trade Frazier away, then I think we may see Frazier for the Boston series.

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