Yankees non-tender Holder, re-sign Cessa and Heller, tender others

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So long, Jonathan Holder. He was the one player the Yankees non-tendered this evening. Don’t rule out some sort of reunion, but for now, he’s a free agent. Meanwhile, the Yankees came to agreements with Luis Cessa (reportedly $1.05 million) and Ben Heller (undisclosed). While the Yankees didn’t announce any contracts with its other arbitration-eligible players, it’s safe to say that all of them were tendered contracts. Yes, including Gary Sánchez. These players can still come to terms with the Yankees and avoid arbitration.

With Holder gone, the Yankees now have one open spot on the 40-man roster. Maybe they’ll announce DJ LeMahieu soon? We’ll see. Anyway, non-tendering Holder wasn’t a total surprise, but I definitely didn’t expect Heller to return. No details on Heller’s contract yet, but I’m sure it’s below the $700-800k that MLB Trade Rumors projected. As for Cessa: the $1.05 million agreement is below the $1.1-$1.3 million range estimated.

Around the league, there are a few players non-tendered who likely will interest the Yankees. Namely: Kyle Schwarber, David Dahl, Eddie Rosario, and Archie Bradley, among others. We’ll talk about them more in the coming days and weeks.

Earlier this week, we crowdsourced who the Yankees should non-tender tonight. There are some…interesting decisions made by some of you here. But the players with the most votes are those who you would expect.


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  1. Alex

    I hope they stay away from Schwarber unless he’s willing to take a cheap deal to replace Gardner. But I’d be concerned that Cashman can’t help himself and tries to sign him as an excuse to play him over Clint. Last thing this team needs is another low average one-dimensional hitter who strikes out a ton and plays poor defense/has no position. Dahl is talented but Cashman has already built the most injury prone outfield in MLB history. Does he really want to add another extraordinarily fragile player to that mix unless it’s on a no-risk cheap deal? The non-tendered player who would interest me the most is Archie Bradley. The Yankees should aggressively pursue him.

  2. KZ750Twin

    Hopefully, tendering Gary doesn’t equate with no Molina, McCann, or Realmuto.

  3. IVoted4Kodos

    Based on the results for the top 7 names in the poll, imma venture a guess that a lot of people have no idea what it means to non-tender someone.

  4. Mungo

    I said Holder and Heller in yesterday’s poll. Their love of Heller is interesting since they never seem to use him even when he’s healthy! They also may think he has some surplus value in a trade since his contract is so low. BTW With the major league minimum set at $570,500 for 2021, I’m not sure Heller’s salary is that much below the low end of his projected arbitration salary of $700K. Might not be lower at all.

    Beyond that, lol. Yeah, let’s just say a lot of non-Yankee fans pass through the site here and muddied your poll results!

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