News & Notes: Gold glove finalists, Didi downplays potential return, Jasson Dominguez, Marcus Stroman

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It’s been a pretty quiet week for the Yankees, but that’s to be expected. Teams aren’t supposed to make noise during the World Series, which is supposed to be front and center in the baseball world right now. Speaking of, the Rays and Dodgers are even at one a piece in the series ahead of tonight’s Game 3.

Even though the team has been quiet, there are a few things worth relaying on the Yankees’ front. Here’s the rundown:

Gio Urshela and Clint Frazier are Gold Glove Award finalists

Brett Gardner was the last Yankee to win a Gold Glove (2016). That brief drought could end this year if one of Gio Urshela and Clint Frazier beat out the other two finalists at their positions. The winners will be named on November 3rd.

It’s important to note that as a result of regionalized schedules this season, there is no voting on these awards in 2020. Rather, statistics alone will determine the winner. It’s not clear what those metrics used to decide are, though.

At third base, Urshela is up against Isiah Kiner-Falefa (Rangers) and Yoan Moncada (White Sox). Here’s a statistical comparison of the three:


Only Kiner-Falefa ranks positively per Defensive Runs Saved, Ultimate Zone Rating, and Oats Above Average. I guess that makes him the favorite? I don’t know.

In right field, Frazier’s competition is Joey Gallo (Rangers) and Anthony Santander (Orioles). A breakdown:


Positives across the board here, although Gallo ranks the highest in all three categories. Again, I have no idea what metrics are being used to determine the award winner, but it doesn’t seem like Frazier will win based on this. Still, quite the impressive turnaround for him this season.

Didi Gregorius weighs in on returning to New York

The soon-to-be free agent Didi Gregorius was interviewed on WFAN this morning. Unsurprisingly, he was asked about a potential reunion with the Yankees after spending 2020 with the Phillies. He didn’t give the answer many of us might have hoped for, though.

Gregorius said he doesn’t think the Yankees want him back. He also noted that he thinks Gleyber Torres is the future at shortstop. Seems like the Yankees don’t plan to budge at Torres at shortstop, either. In any case, there are already rumors about Didi connected to other teams, including the Angels.

Jasson Dominguez keeps the hype in check

Mike Mazzeo wrote about the 17 year-old outfielder dubbed The Martian for Forbes. Mazzeo spoke somewhat extensively with Dominguez’s agent, Gio Rodriguez. As you might expect, his agent as a lot of good to say, including this:

“His work ethic and maturity is wise beyond his years, and I think baseball is going to see something really exciting continue to happen. We’ve had the Fernando Tatis Jrs. and Ronald Acunas of the world. I think this kid is going to be equally exciting because he’s a worker. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t believe the hype, but he’s going to prove a lot of people right in thinking that he’s the next star, and look out for it because it’s going to be something special.

“Jasson Dominguez wants to be the best player in the game. That’s his goal.”

Marcus Stroman weighs on on the Yankees’ pitching staff

Sounds like Stroman is making his pitch to be in the Yankees’ rotation, no? He’s about to become a free agent himself.

You probably recall that Brian Cashman didn’t think Stroman would be a difference-maker last season. That sort of thing might make you think that Stroman wouldn’t entertain coming to the Bronx, but that’s not the case. He later tweeted that he’s open to an opportunity with the Yankees (as any free agent should say).

Anyway, this got a lot of people mad online. But Stroman isn’t off-base here. The Yankees need pitching help next season. We’ll do a profile on Stroman at some point this offseason.


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  1. How much would it take to sign Stroman? I like his confidence. Maybe 3 years at $45 million?

  2. Jacob

    If they’re doing it off stats alone why waste time doing a finalist lists and just give us the winner? It looks pretty clear in both of those situations at least. Although I imagine MLB will do whatever it can to drum up any sort of interest

    • MikeD

      I’m pretty sure the winner is already known (or selected) every year when they announce the finalists. They’re simply showing the top three candidates, then they reveal the winner on MLBN or ESPN. It’s a marketing thing.

      Yet, your question brings up a good point. If it’s all stats based, how are they selecting the winner when there are three different stats used? Do you add up all three, divide by three, and the highest score wins? If so, it’s Gallo and Kiner-Falefa, who average out to the highest scores. Using advanced metrics is fine to some degree, but any system that doesn’t have Matt Chapman as one of the best defensive 3B’man in the league is…flawed.

      • Chris

        its not determined based on the stats they are showing in this post. It’s one specific non public statistic.

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