Yankees Make Several Roster Moves Following Last Night’s Win

As expected, the Yankees have made several moves today to address their roster crunch. Let’s start with the worst news: Gary Sánchez (.229/.299/.508, 105 wRC+) has been placed on the 10-day IL with a left groin strain. The Yanks recalled C Kyle Hagashioka from Triple-A as his replacement.

Gary has been slumping hard lately, hitting just .196/.266/.379 (65 wRC+) since June 1. He looks more like the 2018 version of Gary than the one we saw prior to June 1. It’s been unfortunate, but make no mistake about it: the Yankees are better when Gary is playing. This is yet another big blow to the team in the form of an injury.

On the bright side, though, maybe the time off will allow Gary to get some rest, reset his body physically (catching is awful), and clear his mind. The dude has been bad, his timing is off, and he’s not getting any luck offensively even when hitting the ball hard. It seems like he’s been really frustrated recently, too, as you’d imagine. Hopefully he returns from his injury as healthy and productive as ever.

As for the timeline, who knows how long it will take for him to actually heal. My guess is that we don’t see Gary for longer than 10 days, though, which really sucks. But what can you do? We just gotta hope Higgy, who is .268/.343/.581 (125 wRC+) with 16 home runs for Triple-A Scranton this year, can continue the trend of the replacement Yanks becoming shockingly productive in their new opportunities. It wouldn’t shock me, with the way 2019 is going.

The Yanks also optioned Jonathan Holder back to Triple-A and recalled Cool Nestor Smooth (this wonderful nickname courtesy of James Smyth). This makes sense. Check out their recent bullpen usage:

So the Yanks’ pitching shuffle continues. I’m personally glad to see Cortes back in the Bronx, as I enjoy watching him pitch, but hopefully Happ can go out tonight and make this all academic.

Here’s the announcement from the team, for those who want it:


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  1. dasit

    higgy is the ultimate good soldier/org player
    would love to see him get a heathcott-style “one shining moment”

  2. RetroRob

    I’d like to see more of Higgy than Romine the next couple weeks. If nothing else, it will be a good opportunity to assess him as a replacement for Romine next season if he moves on.

  3. I’m not sure if not having Sanchez in the lineup right now is all that bad. Better to put the unproductive bat lower in the lineup than to have Gary coming up in big situations and struggling so badly. I hope with rest he can return to early season form.


    Gary is talented and I think he knows what he has to do to have success at the ML level, but I don’t think he has yet learned how to break out of a slump. Much like a pitcher having a bad inning tries to minimize the damage, giving up 2 runs instead of 4, he needs to learn to turn a month long slump in to 2 weeks, or an 0 for 20 into a 3 for 20.

    Through the years of listening to Rizzuto, Bill White, Murcer, Singleton and even ARod, they all said they broke slumps by taking the ball back up the middle. You see the ball longer, cut down your swing and get your timing back. Gary doesn’t do that. He tries to end slumps by pulling everything 500 feet to LF. That only makes it worse.

    I’m confident he’ll eventually learn that and he’ll be a more consistent hitter. I think he’ll regroup while on the IL and come back strong for September and the playoffs.

  5. GhostofCharlesHudson

    Well well…..

    Higgy’s BABIP is .262. He’s got a .59 GB/FB ratio, a HR/FB ratio of 23.5% and a pull percentage of 47.8% and a FB percentage of 49. This kid clearly gets that Chicks Dig The Long Ball. Should be fun.

  6. SM

    Higgy should play the majority of time because Romine isn’t good. And because he isn’t good, they will miss Sanchez defensively despite his offensive freefall.

  7. CountryClub

    I know they like to rush their guys back once they’re healthy. But, I really hope they give sanchez more than 1 or 2 games in AAA so he can find his timing. Hopefully, this turns into a blessing in disguise.

    • RetroRob

      He’s been slumping for close to a month. He didn’t get any time off at the All-Star break, and he gets less DH days to rest now that EE is here. Not unconvinced he’s not hiding an injury. A couple weeks off won’t be a bad thing. Really wish Stanton was back though for another big bat in the lineup while Gary is out.

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