Yankees announce player pool

Today’s 4pm 60-man roster submission deadline has come and gone. Above is the group the Yankees will play with this season, though things can change depending on trades (they can only trade from this group, by the way) and injuries. Additionally the Yankees made a couple of roster moves today.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a breakdown between who will be at Yankee Stadium for “summer camp” vs. who’ll be at the satellite camp.

Previous non-roster invitees absent

A number of players who were in camp in March are not listed. This includes Chad Bettis, who announced his retirement a few days ago. So, no surprise there.

The remainder of those who are absent are all position players. Two catchers in Kellin Deglan and Wysnton Sawyer, power-hitting Chris Gittens, and outfielders Trey Amburgey and Thomas Milone. It’s not clear why these players were left off, though it’s also possible that they will be added later as the Yankees still have two open spots.

From a catching standpoint, my guess would be that Deglan and Sawyer simply were the odd men out with six already chosen. If you squint, maybe Sawyer is a suprise snub given his connection to Tanner Swanson. But of course, he may have no wanted to play given the global pandemic and all.

Gittens, last year’s Eastern League MVP, has big power but the Yankees are already pretty set at first base and designated hitter. I’m very mildly surprised Amburgey isn’t around considering he hit a respectable .274/.329/.494 (106 wRC+) in Triple-A lat year. Milone doesn’t have much experience at higher minor league levels so his absence is understandable.

New names to the mix

You probably have heard of Matt Duffy but not Max McDowell.

Duffy, who was with the Rangers in the spring, has had an up-and-down big league career but solid lifetime numbers. He’s hit .282/.338/.380 (101 wRC+) and recorded 7.6 fWAR. Most of that production came with the Giants in 2015 (4.4 fWAR), but he also had a strong 2018 with Tampa Bay (2.5 fWAR). He’s had a hard time staying healthy, though he does provide some sorely needed infield depth. He’s mainly a third baseman, but has experience at every position on the infield dirt.

McDowell is a 26 year-old catcher who’s spent his career in the Brewers’ organization. He was their 13th rounder back in 2015. The backstop has reached as high as Double-A, but hasn’t hit much in the minors. Presumably he’s a solid defender because the Yankees seem to favor that behind the plate. Mainly though, he serves as emergency depth.

Other notes

  • Miguel Andújar, listed as an infielder/outfielder, obviously is going to continue getting reps in the outfield. I was curious to see how the Yankees would handle this after the long layoff. I’m sure Miggy was working on the new position even with the league on hold, but I can’t imagine it was quite the same not under the organization’s eye entirely.
  • Didn’t take long for the Yankees to re-issue Didi Gregorius’s number. Newcomer Duffy has taken it. This really isn’t a big deal in the scheme of things, but that the Yankees didn’t issue it back in the spring seemed semi-noteworthy.
  • Nobody pivotal players opted out of playing for the Yankees this year. I can only imagine what the reaction would have been like had Gerrit Cole decided to stay home with his pregnant wife in order to protect her from the virus.


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  1. Duffy is a nice last-minute pickup. I thought they might include a couple of their younger uber-prospects on the 60-man (still possible I guess) to get them reps this year, even if they have no shot at playing in a major league game this year. In any case, it will be nice to get the season underway,

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