Yankees Acquire Jameson Taillon from Pirates

Friends, it is a done deal. After a few writers on both the Pirates and Yankees beats reported a deal was done, Jeff Passan came in with the details. The trade involves Miguel Yajure, Roansy Contreras, Maikel Escotto, and Caanan Smith on the Yanks side:

I like this trade a lot. First, the package feels right for a pitcher of Taillon’s caliber with injury concerns. It’s a quantity-over-quality package, really. I don’t mean to take anything away from them, some of whom I liked a bit, but they’re mid-level prospects. For what it’s worth, MLB’s Pipeline ranks Yajure 15th, Contreras 19th, and Smith 21st without ranking Escotto in the Yankees system. Feels fair to me.

Second, it starts to clear a very real 40-man backlog. As I noted earlier today, Yajure and Contreras are each on the 40-man. The Yankees will still need to clear one spot, but Taillon is a smart use of 40-man consolidation. None of them were likely to help the Yanks in 2021. Taillon, of course, will. I’ll have detailed thoughts on this shortly, but I love Taillon as an acquisition. For more on him, check out what Derek wrote on him back in December for a quick refresher.

This is a very exciting move that has the potential to really shore up the rotation. Good stuff, Yankees.


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Thoughts after the Yankees Acquire Jameson Taillon

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  1. CentralScrutinizer

    Meh. Another redemption project coming off recovery from major surgery who hasn’t pitched in nearly two years. I guess clearing the roster space counts for something.

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