Winter Meetings Day 2 Recap: Lynn trade, all quiet on Yankees’ front, other moves

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The Hot Stove is finally starting to warm up on the second day of this year’s Winter Meetings. It’s far from hot still, but teams have started to make some moves. Just not the Yankees, at least, not yet. Let’s get today’s happenings:

Lance Lynn goes to White Sox; Yankees did not engage Texas

The biggest move of the Winter Meetings (so far) went down late last night. Texas sent righty Lance Lynn to the White Sox in exchange for Dane Dunning and prospect Avery Weems. Dunning is still technically prospect eligible I believe, but he had a nice season for Chicago in 2020 (3.97 ERA in 34 innings). He was a first round pick back in 2016 by Washington.

Lynn has been nothing short of excellent since he joined the Rangers in 2019. He’s thrown 292 1/3 innings and recorded a 3.57 ERA and 3.43 FIP. This came right after the Yankees had acquired him mid-2018, by the way. He would have been a really good fit back in pinstripes.

Apparently, the Yankees weren’t in on Lynn this time around. That’s a bit disappointing to hear considering the team’s need for starting pitching. Though at the same time, I’m not sure the Yankees would have been comfortable matching what the White Sox sent to Texas. The equivalent to Dunning probably is either Clarke Schmidt or Deivi García.

Yankees in talks with LeMahieu, but quiet otherwise

If you’re expecting the Yankees to make a big splash this winter, don’t get your hopes up, according to Andy Martino. Other than trying to retain DJ LeMahieu, the team has been very quiet on all other fronts. Moreover, the team isn’t pursuing a reunion with Masahiro Tanaka. You could take this one of two ways, I think.

One, the Yankees are going to cheap out this winter and not address all of the team’s needs. That’s the pessimistic, knee-jerk reaction. And I understand the sentiment; I’m eager for the Yankees to do something already.

The rosier picture: LeMahieu is top priority and the team isn’t concerned about Tanaka departing. Once LeMahieu makes his decision, other dominoes can start to fall. DJLM is going to get a significant contract, so it’s difficult to fill out the roster until the money earmarked to him is taken or not. Now, there is a problem here in that the Yankees could miss out on opportunities while waiting on LeMahieu (i.e. Lynn just now). Hopefully they can get some clarity soon.

Activity in the AL Central

There were a couple of other notable moves today, both in the AL Central. The White Sox signed outfielder Adam Eaton to a one year deal with a club option for 2022. This will be his second stint for the South Siders — he was previously traded to Washington in a deal that brought back the aforementioned Dunning, Lucas Giolito, and Reynaldo Lopez.

The other move: Kansas City added first baseman Carlos Santana. He signed a two-year contract after Cleveland declined his 2021 option earlier this winter.


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  1. CentralScrutinizer

    I”m not crying any tears over Lynn going to the White Sox. I don’t think he’s worth trading Garcia or Schmidt in exchange. He may have had an impressive year throwing fastball after fastball in cavernous Globe life Park but I don’t see that playing in YS III or Fenway or Camden Yards (OK, the Orioles aren’t that much of a threat). He was OK in 2018 but not so good that he will be missed. If he cost only $$$, then yeah, sure, sign him.

  2. Petey Pabs

    It really is time for Cashman to go. Enough of the “almost good enough”, how many years can the team go without a legit rotation. Whats sad is that Cash was around for the dynasty years, which were built on pitching, the fact he builds a team with a stacked line-up is comical in its levels of ineptitude.

  3. MikeD

    It really does appear that the Yankees are intent on getting below the luxury tax threshold this offseason, probably to set them up for more spending after the next CBA with whatever the new thresholds will be. The problem with that is that means they’re not committed to putting the best team on the field in 2021. That could mean another lost season in this window.

    I really don’t know how they’re going to fill out their rotation. Martino saying the “team isn’t pursuing a reunion with Masahiro Tanaka” is cryptic in the sense that he doesn’t say if they’re not pursuing at the moment, or they’ve decided to move on from Tanaka permanently. If it’s the latter, they may very well have assessed his elbow and what he has left and decided they got the best of him and it’s time to move on. Won’t help his market though. Teams seeing the Yankees, in need of starters, have decided to not even make an offer to Tanaka will give them pause.

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