Vote Gio Urshela (and Five Other Yankees) for All-Star Starter!

Gio Time! (

The 28-hour period of voting on the final three at each spot in the starting lineup for next month’s All-Star Game is underway!

The Yankees have players in the top three of voting at every infield position: Gary Sanchez at catcher, Luke Voit at first base, DJ LeMahieu at second, Gio Urshela at third and Gleyber Torres at short. Furthermore,

Aaron Judge is one of nine finalists for the three outfield positions despite missing two months. Here’s the voting totals at each position.

You can vote here for the Yankees (or for other players, that’s your prerogative). Former Yankee Brian McCann is a finalist for National League catcher, so that’s cool.

I’m guessing Sanchez and Voit will get through among the aforementioned players, but I will make a brief plea: Vote for Urshela at third base! If you’re going by true talent and performance, Alex Bregman is a no-brainer at third base. He’s a star and was even All-Star Game MVP a year ago.

But there’s a good chance this is Urshela’s only opportunity to make the All-Star Game. His fellow players are more apt to recognize Rafael Devers or Matt Chapman for the non-starting spots. Urshela has likely put together the best first half of his career and may never see as much meaningful playing time again. He’s produced some of the most iconic moments of this season thus far.

Even better, this Midsummer Classic takes place in Cleveland, home of the team that cast him aside a year ago. How sweet would it be for him to show up as an All-Star as a homecoming?

I don’t think he’ll win, but I do hope you cast your ballot for him. I know I will!


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  1. Big Dog Hug

    I’m paranoid about players being hurt in the AS game and home run derby. Is it just me?

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