Episode 1: 2019 is dead, long live 2019

Randy, Bobby, and Derek kick off the first episode of the Views from 314ft podcast to discuss (what else?) injuries and roster machinations. Here are this episode’s notes:

  • [4:45] Following the intro, general injury discussion
  • [5:43] Luis Severino had Tommy John Surgery. How did it come to this?
  • [15:27] Getting to the bottom of Aaron Judge’s mysterious rib stress fracture
  • [25:50] Moving away from injury talk, fifth starter discussion begins. Is Clarke Schmidt a better option than Michael King?
  • [33:30] On Deivi García’s readiness
  • [36:00] Discussion on Jonathan Loaisiga’s best fit
  • [42:40] Other rotation happenings: Jordan Montgomery’s velocity uptick has been a pleasant surprise and maybe JA Happ won’t be so bad?
  • [49:15] Breaking down the Yankees’ current outfield situation and depth
  • [57:25] Offseason regrets, namely Cameron Maybin

We will be on all major podcast distribution mediums within the next week or so — there’s a process we need to follow before we’re officially up and running on places like iTunes or Stitcher, so we appreciate your patience. Hope you enjoy our first episode as much as we did making it! We’ll be back again a week from today.


With A Slew of New Injuries, Luke Voit is More Important Than Ever


The case for Clarke Schmidt


  1. Mungo


  2. Chris

    How do I find this on a podcast app? Is it only available on soundcloud?

    • Randy

      It will be available once the approval process is complete. Another week or two.

      • RetroRob

        How/where do I give you guys a five-star rating you mentioned? Is that when the approval process is complete? I’m more of a blog reader/poster and not big on listening to podcasts because of time constraints, but I know they take a lot of work and commitment, so I’ll do my best to fit them in. Either way, I want to support what you’re doing.

        • Randy

          Yes, you can do it once we’re up on the platforms. We appreciate it!

  3. MikeD

    Great to see, err, hear the new podcast.

    I get the desire to put Schmidt in the rotation, and if the Yankees believe he’s ready, then bring him on. They certainly did that with Montgomery, although it’s not a clean comparison. Monty had more innings and all at the high levels. Schmidt is coming back from TJS and had about 90 innings last year, almost all in the lower minors.

    What would I do? Lasagna as the Opener for a couple innings; King relieves him. Use this combo for six starts or so until Paxton arrives. When he does, shift Lasagna to the pen. Keep Garcia on his development plan.

    Looking forward to more of these podcasts.

  4. The Original Drew

    I didn’t realize “Didn’t bring back Cameron Maybin” would be a hill people would die on but here we are.

    • dasit

      thanks to rule changes, i look forward to spending massive amounts of energy arguing about the twenty SIXTH man on the roster

    • MikeD

      I think the Yankees got the best from Cameron Maybin, and they can replace him with this year’s Cameron Maybin. Not a hill I even want to approach, let alone die on.

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