VF314 Live Chat – 5/4/2022

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Good morning everyone, and indeed what a good morning it is to be a Yankees fan. Best record in the majors, best run differential, and winners of 11 straight. Pretty great, I gotta say. The season is still young, but one couldn’t ask for a better start.

After a couple of weeks of chats during afternoon games, we’re back to our usual noon eastern chat time on a Wednesday. The message queue below is open so you can send your questions in before the chat begins, if you wish. Otherwise, come by in a couple of hours as today’s chat gets underway.


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  1. DZB

    Regarding this question:
    Who’s had the better year so far, Donaldson or Gio? Odds Gio finishes with a better year are what? That’d make Cash look pretty bad.

    This also loses sight of the fact that the trade was not a swap at 3B. IKF has been good, and a needed piece on the team. The swap of catchers is a TBD situation, but whether they ‘won’ the swap at 3B won’t be the determining factor of whether Cash looks good or bad. (plus, Gio’s OPS is pretty poor thus far)

  2. MikeD

    YES showed a graphic after the Yankees had won nine straight that their 16-6 record was one of their five best starts ever. As an unhappy reminder, one of those seasons was very recent, 2020, when they basically limped into the postseason. They started 16-6, then lost seven in a row. Then in September, they had a ten-game winning streak. That means 26 of their 33 wins came during those two stretches during the shortened season of Covid. They were 7-21 the rest of the season. Last year, they had a 13-game winning streak, which they immediately followed up with a 2-11 stretch. Yuck. This team the prior two seasons has been as infuriatingly inconsistent as any Yankee team I’ve watched in recent decades.

    I’m not saying they’re going on a losing streak. Just a reminder of their recent past. This team looks more solidly constructed, but it is early, and the ball has been funky, so I’m not drawing any conclusions. I have enjoyed the start though. Not just the winning streak, but keep in mind they started 5-4 against the Red Sox and Jays, two teams we viewed as our main competitors. That was a positive, not a negative. This has been a very good start to the season minus that annoying series in Baltimore, the only series they’ve lost to date. I’ll be more comfortable after the winning streak is over and they continue to show they can win games consistently. That will probably show us more about this team.

  3. dasit

    forgot to mention the possibility of trading for correa if the twins decide to cash in

    • MikeD

      Probably unlikely. The Twins are leading their division. They’d need to fall completely out of the race for Correa to be moved. Plus, if the Yankees are playing well and IFK is holding his own, I don’t see the Yankees parting with significant prospects for a three-month rental.

  4. dasit

    assuming the team is still looking strong at the trade deadline and cashman convinces hal that they need to GFIN, who are some likely trade targets and which prospects might be sent in return? when healthy there doesn’t seem to be a pressing need but is there anyone out there who would put them over the top?

  5. george grossi

    Lets assume Isiah finishes the season with offensive stats consistent with his play to date. What do you think his role will be if one or more of the prospect SSs is ready next year or early the following year?

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