VF314 Live Chat – 5/11/2022

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Happy Wednesday everyone, but especially to the first place, 21-8, best record in MLB New York Yankees. Last night’s thrilling walk off win was pretty awesome, huh? Not only are the Yankees beating up on bad teams, but they’re also 8-3 against teams with a .500 record or better. That narrative died quickly, didn’t it?

Let’s chat today at noon eastern about all things Yankees. The Bombers look for the mini sweep of the Jays this afternoon, starting at 12:35pm, so we can chat through a portion of the game as well. The message queue is open now so you can send questions in advance before things get underway. See you in a bit.


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  1. Isiah Kiner Faleddardfa

    There’s a lot to be excited about, Derek. This is probably the best Yankee ballclub I’ve ever seen and I’m rapidly approaching the century mark. Their team dynamic reminds me a lot of the ’09 club and we all know what happened in ’09. They’ve shown the ability to come back in dramatic fashion, the bullpen is dominant, starting pitching has exceeded all expectations. They’re winning like crazy and the lineup hasn’t even started firing on all cylinders yet. Donaldson hasn’t hit, Gallo is at least showing some signs of life, Gleyber is starting to hit, IKF has cooled off and we’re still not getting anything from catcher but it hasn’t hurt us. Defense is leaps and bounds better than last year and that probably helps the improvement in the pitching. Offense is down league wide so maybe when it starts to warm up they’ll hit more. Boston’s in the crapper. Everyone wanted to sign Story and he’s a disaster. After Gary hit a grand slam in his first game as a Twin and everyone said that was proof we made a big mistake letting him go. 30 games and 560 Krispy Kremes later he’s still only hit 1 home run. And hitting his usual .200. Gio only hitting .235. I’d say we won that trade.

    At first I didn’t like Cameron Maybin in the booth but he’s gotten better. He was better in the 3 man booth with Paulie. Carlos sometimes provides good insight. Both of them use too many cliches but they’ll improve. I like Coney on SNB. He makes it watchable at least. Paulie needs to get back to NY. Kind of ridiculous that he’s still doing games from his basement.

    • sevrox

      Yay Eddard! Good to read ya! Always good for a chuckle. Century mark, eh? And can only remember back to ’09? Nice!

      • Anthony Rizzeddardo

        With the machine like way that they’re winning I might have to revise it to the ’98 Yankees!

        • sevrox

          That’s the year I got married – good way to remember the year I got married…

  2. MikeD

    Regarding Sterling,I haven’t listened to many games on the radio, but it seems that Suzanne Waldman is helping to cover for him very gently in the snippet of games I have heard. She’ll interject when it’s clear Sterling is missing some action on the field. His low-energy call on Judge’s HR last night was a bit shocking. As we know, Sterling is famous for setting up any ball hit vaguely deep with a loud HR call. In this case, a ball he seemed unsure of a ball that would have landed in the east river if not for hitting the upper deck. I like Sterling as an “institution,” but he’s been fading for a few years. It would be nice if he stepped away on his own and then the Yankees can bring in a new team. Ricardo would be fine, and pair him up with someone a little younger than Suzanne.

  3. DZB

    I see the note about Dominguez having a better run. He was great yesterday, going 3 for 5 with a 2B and HR. I imagine the 7 total bases will help his SLG quite a bit (indeed, raised his by 20 points and his SLG by 50 points in the one game).
    SSS indeed, but in May he is at .313 .405 .625 (eight hits in his last four games)

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