VF314 Live Chat – 4/28/2022

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Chat day will return to Wednesdays at noon next week, but because of today’s matinee, let’s talk during this afternoon’s game. The Yankees are going for the sweep against Baltimore and for their sixth straight win overall. We can discuss today’s action or anything else Yankees-related on your mind.

Today’s chat will begin just a few minutes before first pitch; 1pm eastern. Similar to last week, depending on how things go, the chat could last longer than the requisite one hour. As always, you can submit your questions ahead of time in the message box below.


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  1. DZB

    A couple of notes from the points made in the chat. Regarding the Yankees not being aggressive with prospects, that is just not the case. At each level they have many of the youngest players at the level. Garcia, Dominguez, Peraza, Volpe, etc. are all young for their league (all way at the low end of the distribution). Also, one thing I thought of regarding the question about the very poor offensive output this season across baseball – the shocking thing is that teams are not scoring runs, so less action, but games are still taking forever, so you have no action and a long game, which is a terrible combination. Lowering the mound would certainly crank up action, and hopefull the pitch clock and the digital system for calling pitches together will speed things up to compensate for the longer innings if there is more offense.

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