VF314 Live Chat – 4/21/2022

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It’s getaway day for the Yankees, who wrap up this week’s three game set in Detroit with a 1:10pm eastern start this afternoon. So, I figured why not conduct this week’s live chat during the first few innings of this afternoon’s game? The 7-5 Yanks will send Jordan Montgomery to the mound to go for the sweep against old friend Michael Pineda and the 4-7 Tigers.

This afternoon’s chat will begin at 1:00pm eastern and will run for at least an hour. The message queue is below and open now if you’d like to send in any questions ahead of time. Talk to you all later.


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  1. The only thing worse than having to watch this awful Yankees offense is having to listen to the endless crap coming out of the mouths of both Ryan Ruocco and Cameron Maybin.

    For the 1st time in my life I turned off the sound during last night’s game. Cameron may be a great guy and has been hired by both the Yankees and Cubs as a game analyst and by MLB TV as a studio analyst but he really needs to shut the f**k up sometimes and let the viewer actually watch the game without his needless analysis of ‘he had the foot down, pulled in the hands, tracked the pitch really well, but just hit it off the end of the bat’ repeated ad infinitum during the game. How the Yankees telecasts have fallen since the departure of Kitty and Kenny.

    • Absolutely agree. I did the same thing and put on John and Susan. Cameron has two more additional tics that are really annoying: he repeatedly says “like I said” (when usually he never said it) and says the word “beautiful” repeatedly.

    • Rex+Nolan

      The problem with rookie broadcasters is that they are uncomfortable with silence. Trying to fill every gap with words makes one repeat and generally makes for uneasy listening (does not help that the teams sucks ass!!). Hopefully experience makes him better.

    • sevrox

      I’m good with Ruocco and Maybin. I find Maybin to be refreshing – does talk too much sometimes (he could definitely let the game breathe sometimes) but I appreciate his player insights. Have gotten to like Ruocco having gotten into R2C2. Would love to hear CC tossing out some ‘F’ bombs on a YES telecast!

  2. Eric S.

    To call this offense pathetic is an insult to the word pathetic.

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