VF314 Live Chat – 3/9/2022

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Today will end with one of two things: Rob Manfred canceling more regular season games or a new collective bargaining agreement. Last night’s negotiations carried on into the early hours of this morning, with MLB issuing its latest proposal (as detailed by this Evan Drellich Twitter thread). At some point today, the players union will respond to the league. That response could arrive by the time we start chatting here at noon eastern. Come by then to talk about the status of labor negotiations, the Yankees, and more.

As always, the question queue is below and open right now if you’d like to submit yours ahead of time. Otherwise, be here at 12pm sharp to discuss the state of MLB labor negotiations, the Yankees, and more.

Today’s chat has ended. See below for the transcript.


The Yankees’ on field repercussions from an extended lockout


MLB and MLBPA agree on new CBA — Here’s where the Yankees stand

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  1. chip56

    I look forward to the Yankees sitting out free agency when it begins saying that they need time to evaluate the CBA….

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