VF314 Live Chat – 3/23/2022

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All of the Yankees’ arbitration eligible players except Aaron Judge has settled on a contract for 2022 (Jon Heyman). The two sides are $4 million apart, with Judge coming in at $21 million and the Yankees at $17 million. While this does set the stage for a hearing, it’s also not a foregone conclusion that this gets to that point. Judge could agree to a new deal for 2022, or even a much bandied about extension, prior to the hearing. Now, if this case does get heard, there’s no in between: it’ll either be $17 million or $21 million for 2022.

We can discuss Judge’s extension and anything else on your mind in today’s chat, which begins at noon eastern. As usual, you can send your questions ahead of time in the message box below. See you then!

Today’s chat has ended. See below for the transcript.


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  1. MikeD

    Yankee fans really are a whiny lot.

    I’m looking forward to the season. I like baseball.

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