Folks, things are bleak. That statement could apply to all sorts of things around the world right now, but in this instance, it applies to labor relations in Major League Baseball. The owners simply do not care about anything other than their bottom line. They’ve made the league pretty joyless for at least the last three seasons. Ditto Rob Manfred. Yesterday, the commissioner announced the cancellation of the first two series of the regular season, but surely, it won’t stop there.

What’s next? I’m not sure. It seems like the players want to continue negotiating, but the owners don’t seem particularly serious, and instead are striving to break the union. I don’t know if or when there will be Yankees baseball this year, but sheesh, things aren’t looking great at the moment.

So today, let’s chat about the last few days of collective bargaining, the Yankees, and anything else on your mind. The question queue is below and open for questions now, but the chat won’t get underway until noon eastern. Speak to you then.

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