VF314 Live Chat – 3/16/2022

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The time has (finally) come: a chat that doesn’t have to be dominated by the owners’ lockout and collective bargaining. We can still talk about that, if any of you wish, but considering that the Yankees have made two notable transactions in the past few days, I’m guessing that many of you would like to focus on the team’s roster and any other potential moves.

Today’s chat will begin at noon eastern. As usual, you can send your questions ahead of time in the message box below. See you then!

Today’s chat has ended. See below for the transcript.


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  1. MikeD

    It’s both funny and frustrating to read Yankee fan comments. It’s like the kid on Christmas morning who’s upset when he unwraps a PlayStation but he wanted an XBox. The Yankees won 92 games last season, and many analyst reviews have them about five wins better now. That doesn’t even take into account some positive regression that should hit the team this year. So the Yankees got better, but Yankee fans are throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get their favorite toy. I’m part of that. I’m annoyed Seager is not a Yankee! I’m annoyed that the Yankees are at a competitive disadvantage against the best teams who will have better SS’s. This is the Golden Age of SS’s depth wise, and the Yankees aren’t participating.

    Beyond that, how much more expensive did Aaron Judge get with the Rockies signing Bryant to a 7/182? Bryant is several months older, not as good as Judge, and nowhere near as marketable. If I’m in Judge’s rather large shoes, I’m looking at a thin position player free agent market next year, my (meaning his) star appeal, and knowing there’s an owner across town who would love to steal the Yankees (and NYC’s) biggest baseball star and with the means to do it. Seems very likely that the Yankees also factored in signing Judge as another reason not to sign one of the big SS’s. That means they better sign Judge now if that was part of their thinking.

    • The Original Drew

      I would liken it to more of, your parents heavily implied that they were going to get you a PS5 for Christmas and then when you open it up it’s a Playstation 4. Yeah it still plays games and is fun, but your parents haven’t gotten you a gift in years and then when they finally decide to open up their wallet they spend almost as much money on the wrong thing. Your parents aren’t poor either. They have the means to do it but decide that spending money on you is less important than spending money on themselves.

  2. The fact that the Yanks didn’t do any long-term deals tells me that they’re going to re-set the luxury tax in a year or two. Curse you, Hal!

    • MikeD

      Yes. That is part of all their planning now. Go over the CBT, but build a financial path to get back under in two years, max three. Hal: Accountant.

  3. Eric S.

    Since they are playing a waiting game at short (hoping prospects pan out) and signed a declining Rizzo for 1b, why not at least upgrade in Center with either Ketel Marte or Brian Reynolds – everyone knows Aaron Hicks will be injured again and even healthy is not the best CF – otherwise I fear the same unimaginative team we have had for years led by an average manager, a GM who has been on the job too long and an owner who won’t spend wisely when needs come up.

    • The Original Drew

      That would require giving up prospect capital which they clearly don’t want to do.

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