VF314 Live Chat – 2/2/2022

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Good morning, everyone. It’s Wednesday, so let’s have our weekly chat. The lockout is still trudging on after yesterday’s “heated” negotiations. Sigh. It doesn’t look like we’ll have Major League spring training begin on time, but we’ll see. We can talk about the lockout and anything else that’s on your mind this afternoon.

Today’s chat will begin at 1pm eastern. We’ve been doing noon chats over the past few months, but today I have a conflict at that time, so 1pm it is.

The chat box is below, and you can submit your questions in advance if you’d like. I’ll return here at 1 to get the chat underway. See you then.

If you missed today’s chat, the transcript is below:


Easier Said than Done


Contemplating Freddie Freeman


  1. MikeD

    I was interested and a bit surprised to see Keith Law in essence endorse the Yankees seeming strategy of not signing one of the big SS’s because of Volpe and to a lesser degree Peraza. My view is collect talent as a world exists with Correa (or Story) and a successful Volpe and Peraza all on the Yankees, with a traded Gleyber bringing in talent to help elsewhere. Or maybe it’s a traded Peraza. Or a traded Volpe. The more talent a team has, the more options a team has. Reality is probably both Volpe and Peraza won’t be as successful as hoped, but fantastic if they are. Talent can be developed, talent can be traded for, talent can be acquired through free agency. Successful teams use all three avenues. That said, I recognize that as all teams seemingly manage to the softly firm cap (aka luxury tax; aka competitive balance tax), then a team has to sometimes pick and choose where to spend big. If the Yankees truly planned to spend on one of the SS’s, but now won’t because of Volpe and Peraza, then I’d want to see them spend that money elsewhere. So far they haven’t. Let’s see if Hal’s wallet loosens up a bit post the lockout.

  2. Nick

    Which non-Cole starting pitcher is most integral to the team’s success in 2022?

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