VF314 Live Chat – 12/15/2021

Good morning everyone. We’re going to try out something new here today. You may or may not have participated in some of our Twitter chats, but now we would like to make that an option directly on the blog. The plan is to host a chat on a weekly basis from here on out should it go over well. It could be me, Bobby, or Randy answering your questions any given week.

I’ll start answering your questions at noon eastern time, but the queue is open for you to submit questions ahead of time, right below the read more button. See you later.


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  1. Joel

    How do you access transcript of the chat?

  2. Michael L Goldstein

    Advance notice of at least a day would be awesome

  3. MikeD

    Good to see chats added into the mix. May I suggest you pick a set day and time for these? And if that’s not possible, maybe a notification the day prior? I suspect most readers here probably saw this post after the chat had come and gone.

    • Derek

      I think we will try to keep these going on Wednesdays at noon, but I’ll give more of an advance notice going forward.

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