VF314 Live Chat – 1/19/2022

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It’s Wednesday, so let’s chat. There is no hot stove to speak of, there appears to be little to no progress on a new CBA, and the owners’ offer last week essentially quashed any hope for a timely spring training. Great fodder for a chat, huh? Let’s talk Yankees baseball anyway.

Today’s chat will get underway at noon eastern. The queue is open for questions in advance, so send them in beforehand if you wish.

If you missed today’s chat, the transcript is below:


Thoughts on A-Rod’s Hall of Fame Candidacy


2022 Yankees Top Prospects List Roundup

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  1. dwnflfan

    Nettles was one the greatest fielding third baseman of all-time and he averaged over 4 bWAR a year for 11 years as a Yankee; His glove was so good he played 3rd into his 40’s. Nettles and his almost 70 bWAR should be in the HOF already.

    Comparing him to Tino is a joke. Tino had 1 4+ bWAR year as a Yank and only 2 3+ bWAR. Nettles put up 5 fewer bWAR than Bernie in 6 fewer seasons. The only reason GS didn’t retire his number is because Nettles had very little use for George and said so publicly after leaving for San Diego.

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