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Brian Cashman joined MLB Network Radio this morning and gave us an update on Yankees ace Luis Severino. Here is Brian Hoch with the news:

If we look at the optimistic end of this timeframe, the earliest Sevy would join the big league club is late August. We’re really getting towards the end of the rope if the timeframe ends up being on the “more” side. This isn’t the most encouraging news.

The suggestion of Sevy coming out of the bullpen is interesting, but doesn’t seem all that viable. He is your ace who is dealing with a significant shoulder injury. He’s had difficulty being able to throw on flat ground. It is tough to imagine the team putting him in a position where he wouldn’t have as much time to warm up and then pitch balls to the wall for an inning. Of course they would have some plan to mirror his starting routine as much as they could. With that said, this doesn’t seem to be the most optimal position for a starting pitcher coming off shoulder problems.

It feels like we won’t see Severino this season. The suggested timeline itself doesn’t seem to emit a lot of confidence. We all know the struggles the team has experienced with injuries this year. Whether it be multiple setbacks for multiple players or timelines that aren’t accurate by any stretch, the Yankees have been severely bit by the injury bug. This news just highlights the need for the team to reinforce the rotation by the July 31st trade deadline. Here is to hoping we see Luis Severino on the mound this season.


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  1. Wire Fan

    The only way the bullpen makes sense is if he is working a regular schedule. Kind of like Chad Green in the early years. Work 2 innings (or once thru the lineup) then get at least 2-3 days off. I don’t think you stress a young arm coming off shoulder injuries with an irregular schedule.

    The other real obvious option if he is healthy? Opener. Have him pitch 2-3 innings every 4th or 5th day. In Sept this would allow the rotation to get an extra day rest, skip someone’s turn for an extra breather, or piggyback with him and throw a few innings less.

  2. Hal was in such a rush to lock in Sevy to potentially save ten mil or so over his arb years.

    Happy for Sevy he got paid, but it’s just another example of what Hal thinks of foremost.

    • Rathipon

      I don’t get it. You complain ownership doesn’t spend enough money on players, then complain when they extend a player?

      • RetroRob

        Fans complain. There often isn’t much intelligence behind it.

  3. SM

    Since we still don’t know if he can return to being 2018 first half Severino, the bullpen might not be so bad an idea.

    • Randy

      There’s no reason to believe he couldn’t return to that form. He’s really good. The bigger concern is managing the shoulder as best they can. The bullpen may not be the best place for that.

      • Not disagreeing Randy, but another way to look at it is Sevy hasn’t been Sevy for a year now.

        To be out this long with injuries after a half season of pitching poorly isn’t great. I don’t think you can count on anything meaningful from him this year.

        • Randy

          Sevy hasn’t been Sevy for half a season. The injury is something different. Pitchers get hurt. And they get hurt a lot. We also have to remember the setback came from gross mismanagement from the team. There is a lot going on here.

          • They mismanaged it, sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s not able to pitch and it’s been a year and counting since we last saw him at his best.

            As an old dude, I look at it this way…the Yanks best chance to win is now. They need a front line starter and it doesn’t look like they can expect anything out of Sevy this year.

        • Just to play the optimistic end of this – His slide in the second half was probably at least in part due to fatigue. If he comes back he certainly will not be fatigued this October.

          • Randy

            Yeah I think fatigue did play a role in his slide. I thought he was going to have a really good year in 2019, but who knows what they’ll get now.

          • How can you expect him to come back strong, or at all, at this point?

            What about command and control being off so long?

            Also while you aren’t attributing all his problems in the second half to fatigue, we haven’t addressed other potential reasons for him being so ineffective the second half of last year.

            He’s a guy who was having problems before he broke, and he still isn’t healthy.

            Maybe he comes back and is lights out, but I think that’s highly unlikely.

      • SM

        That’s not true. They say he wasn’t hurt and the sample size of pitching at that level is small. It’s undeniable that it is an open question.

  4. I don’t understand how this is even an update. Cashman basically said we will have an update on Saturday and twitter is jumping off a bridge. It is going to take him 6 weeks from when he starts throwing to get ready. He needs a full ST, that’s no surprise. I think that’s why we got this potential reliever comment, if he’s not ready Saturday the 6 weeks starts to push into September and in mid-Sept the minor league season (rehab opportunities) ends. If he can’t start throwing for another 2 weeks reliever starts becoming more realistic option. Don’t jump! Nothing has changed with this update. They are already in a position where they can not bank on him coming back.

    • Randy

      It’s an update because they haven’t given any public information on him for a few weeks. Our goal is to provide news when it comes out for those that missed it. We’ll further the update once they announce what comes out of his check up.

      • Sorry Randy, I should have been clearer. I’m not saying this story shouldn’t be here. I’m saying people are reacting with “Welp! See you next year” all over twitter and it’s unwarranted – as there is no new setback. All we have been given today is the alert that there will be an update to his status at some point this weekend.

        I know most comments are negative so I’m not surprised you took mine that way. Thanks for the hard work you guys do here!

        • Randy

          I got you. I do think there is cause for concern only because the team has botched this pretty badly. I’m not sure we can fully trust them at this point.

          Thanks for reading!

          • This one and several others! At this time of the year do teams sometimes hide injury news strategically? I think it’s obvious they need to plan on not having him, but wouldn’t they lose some leverage by announcing he’s gone for the year. Realistically they can keep saying he’s a factor up to July 31 (even if he’s not throwing) – there’d be 2 months before the playoffs still at that point.

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