Two Days, Two Games, Two Teams: A Season Encapsulated

A roller coaster.

Jekyll and Hyde.

The best of times, the worst of times.

There are many times this season when these descriptions of the Yankees have applied in back-to-back days. Yesterday and Friday were just the latest. A day after winning 8-0 behind five homers, the Yankees were drubbed 11-1 by Cleveland.

You’d think I’d ought to be used to this by now. But I’m not. I can’t think of a Yankee team I’ve experienced as a fan that has been as up and down as this. Even the 2008, 2013, and 2014 teams that missed the playoffs and–at least in the case of the latter two–seemed dismal, were pretty steadily the same throughout the year.

The only other team that sort of reminds me of this one is the 2015 team, but by this time that year, they were gassed and done. There was no way they were advancing far. The 2021 team, though, keeps giving us just enough hope, don’t they? Given what we’ve experienced so far this year, it wouldn’t be horribly surprising to see the Yankees give it right back to Cleveland this afternoon.

This consistent inconsistency has somewhat warped my brain. How can I tell? Because when people ask me if I think the Yankees are going to make the playoffs, I still say ‘yes’ pretty unequivocally. After Friday night, it doesn’t seem so far fetched. After yesterday, it seems unattainable. This consistent inconsistency has led to one consistent thing: a lack of surprise.

If the Yankees fall flat on their faces for the rest of the year, I’ll be annoyed, maybe even angry. But I won’t be surprised.

If the Yankees practically run the table and surge into the playoffs, I’ll be elated. But I won’t be surprised.

If the Yankees make the wild card game and lose, I’ll be frustrated. But I won’t be surprised.

If the Yankees make a deep run in the playoffs, I’ll be ebullient. But I won’t be surprised.

Baseball teams that are very good or very bad are simple to figure out. Baseball teams that fall somewhere in the middle of that–like the 2021 Yankees–are much harder to figure out. Luckily, we don’t have much longer to wait for the answer. Let’s just hope it’s a satisfying one. With this bunch, who the hell really knows?


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  1. chip56

    Severino is back.

    Anyone want to take bets on how long he stays healthy before breaking again? I am reasonably certain he’ll make it through the rest of the regular season.

  2. MikeD

    Is this site even operational anymore?

  3. MG309

    Nice of the Yankees to show up today, they can start booking tee times now.

  4. Umm, the score was 11-3, not 11-1. Still bad though.

    • lee

      very prescient though. the 11-1 drubbing would come the next day!

  5. dasit

    with a fried bullpen it’s better to lose 11-1 than 3-1

    • The Original Drew

      That is what I came here to say. Back to back games getting blown out does you the favor of resting your key guys, but that is it on positives.

      If the Yankees manage to miss the playoffs with the talent level and expectations of this team, this might be the most disappointing Yankees team of all time.

  6. H. Avis

    Positive consistency is the mark of a championship caliber club. Obviously, the Yankees are far from being that.

  7. Gee Wally. What happens when your catcher drops an easy popup? Nothing Beav. Chicks dig the long ball.

    • Rich K

      Angry that I didn’t think of Jimbo’s comment before him. Please for the love Pete, find a catcher in the offseason that is a plus defender. Here’s some names, Eric Haase, Elias Diaz, Sean Murphy, Luis Torrens. These catchers have up to only 7 HR’s less then Sanchez (in Haase’s case actually 1 more). Let the Sanchez catching experiment end. The Yankees suffer from refusing to cut bait and holding on to often limited time performance that is in the rear view mirror (Greg Bird!). Mike Zunino (for all his swing and miss and there is a lot) has 10 more HR’s then Sanchez and is a defensive stud. He’s only making 2 million this year! As far as I can tell it looks like his salary is due to increase to 7 million for 2022 for 100 games played. Perhaps the Rays decline? If you’re so bent on another Home Run hitter with swing and miss at least this guy plays D. Unless lightning strikes for 2022 Sanchez will be a backup catcher/DH type soon. Perhaps the Sawx with the Green Monster would be interested when he hits F/A? The point though is that I doubt he’s regarded as a starter within a year.

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