Tonight’s Yankees-Phillies Game is Postponed

Major League Baseball postponed tonight’s Yankee-Phillies game in the wake of a major COVID-19 outbreak with the Miami Marlins. Postponed, not cancelled, is the key word here: the season has not yet been cancelled. Still, it’s looking more and more likely by the minute.

Miami has at least 14 positive cases in the last few days alone. The Marlins were in Philadelphia this weekend and played 3 games against the Phillies. They played yesterday despite knowing several players tested positive over the weekend, which is borderline unconscionable. That’s the cause of the postponed game, as the Yankees and Phillies had a game tonight in that very same ballpark. We now wait to see if more players in Miami and Philadelphia have contracted the virus.

For their part, the Yanks tried to mitigate their risk by bringing in their own clubhouse staff while Philly’s staff was quarantined. The Yanks are also staying in a different hotel than Miami. Those were obviously half measures, though each move makes sense in a vacuum. I wouldn’t have felt especially comfortable playing in a game tonight, nor would I have felt comfortable covering one in this environment. Postponing is the right move and also the least the league can do right now.

I think we were all extremely skeptical – even if hopeful! – that the league would be able to pull this thing off. It is looking less and less likely that this is the case now. It took all of 4 days for the new season to reach a major crisis point. Given what we know right now, I wouldn’t expect this season to make the week. It probably shouldn’t, either.

UPDATE (11:21 am): It’s official. Here’s the league’s statement:


James Paxton’s First Start Provides Cause for Concern


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  1. chip56

    From the last thread:
    “To be fair, most of that concern stems from Paxton’s recent injury. ”

    Imagine that…oft-injured pitcher returning from yet another injury has issues. I fully expect the Yankees to give this guy a 4 or 5 year deal because they have learned nothing from Pavano/Pineda/Eovaldi

  2. Yanks317

    Sooo we’re just moving on from this it seems. Back to the baseball! Cole should pitch the next game, Happ can go kick rocks.

  3. Mungo

    Perhaps the NBA’s approach of holding the season in one location, a bubble, will turn out to be the correct one. If so, the players may have themselves to blame. It was offered but they rejected it.

    For now, I’ll hope for the best. What a strange situation if the season continues to the end, but the team that wins is the one that builds the most immunity. The Marlins in that case are in the early lead.

  4. MikeD

    The most important thought here should be directed toward the players, coaches, anyone who is infected. While we know the virus isn’t anywhere near as deadly as originally feared, we also know that there is a segment of the population that gets hit very hard. Not just compromised people, but some seemingly very healthy people. It’s difficult to predict who. Freddie Freeman, while fully recovered, was bed-ridden and was running 104.5 temp, which is dangerous for an adult. We’ve probably become a little complacent in actually worrying about the athletes because most, such as DJLM, Cessa and soon Chapman, have had minor symptoms and returned. The virus is obviously still there and the more athletes and staff that become infected, the more likely one or a few will have very serious issues. Let’s hope that’s not the case.

    Bobby’s point is valid, but I’m not ready to throw the towel in on the season until we see what tomorrow brings. It’s too easy to always take the negative.

    So with that, I’ll end on a positive note. For a virus that was unknown half a year back, humans across the world have come together to greatly limit the damage, we’ve changed our way of lives, we’ve adapted, we’ve tried new ways, some have worked, some haven’t, we’re creating vaccines at an incredibly rate. Yay humans. We will conquer this as long as we don’t let our inherent negativity destroy us. Then again, maybe our fears are what drives us to success.

  5. John Galvano


  6. Seamus

    It’s so unfathomable that they would let these guys play after testing positive. There was no real attempt to control this. That requires instant quarantining and contact tracing.

  7. dasit

    ken tremendous tweeted that mlb pulled a leroy jenkins. i didn’t get the reference so i looked it up and i’ve been laughing for an hour

  8. COVID is here forever. Time to either accept that sports are cancelled forever or go out there and play. Herd immunity doesn’t exist- antibodies are gone in a few months. Also, the COVID tests are not accurate. This whole thing is a job. Had it not been for mistakenly putting people on respirators in March which killed some healthy people, nobody would care about the virus now.

    • lightSABR

      Antibodies aren’t the only source of immunity; longer-lived T cells seem to be really important against this virus. And so far, despite the declining antibodies, I’ve seen no evidence of significant reinfection–the cases of people testing positive and then negative and then positive again are more likely the result of a false negative in the middle and the very sensitive tests picking up virus fragments rather than viable virus at the end.

      I’ve also seen no evidence that the COVID tests are inaccurate, beyond the ordinary levels of error you expect in any medical testing. My understanding is that false negatives are more likely than false positives, and that’s by design.

      The virus has killed about two thirds of a million people in the world. I don’t know anyone who’s died, yet, but I know people who’ve lost a family member. And it’s not just about mistakes with respirators. The fatality rate appears to be lower than initially estimated, probably on the order of 0.5%, but the disease spreads so quickly and so many people are susceptible that this is still by far the most serious epidemic since the 1918 flu.

      • mikenyc2007

        Fortunately or unfortunately, both you and the initial poster hit it right on the head…. we can either try to plow and manage our daily lives with Covid hanging over our heads – which puts certain demographic groups at a significantly greater health risk than others – or readjust our entire existence because this spreads like wildfire and there is likely no way to stamp this out thru either a vaccine or herd immunity.

        Personally, there is no avoiding this virus in an open society, and by us “locking down…but” its perpetuating a falsehood that there is “success’ right around the corner. Fauci not wearing a mask at the game was the ultimate insult -and frankly tells us all we need to know about the ability of a free society to control the spread of an infectious disease if the smartest/most alarmist creates an exception for themselves.

        If the healthiest persons in our society cannot play thru, be responsible and thus defeat this virus, then we are all basically doomed. I also dont know what this does for the risk tolerance threshold of our society, since Americans dont envision themselves as sheep….. or how it limits the can-do spirit of the nation while we are all supposed to stay home and eat take-out waiting for a check from the government.

        • Yes, it’s a matter of risk tolerance. T-Cell memory is likely a real thing, as of March nobody had any memory because COVID is basically a cold virus that nobody immune system has a trained response for. Staying indoors and distancing basically allows natural selection to ensure only the most resilient strains of COVID replicate. It sounds barbaric but this practice of protecting the most weak and vulnerable ultimately put more people at risk.

          That said, I still think the .05% mortality rate might still be too high. If you tested the entire population you would see that most people who have it don’t even know. The virus is highly publicized. There is inherent risk of just being a human the moment you are born. How many less car accidents occurred because of COVID? probably more lives saved than healthy people killed by the virus. Conversely, how many suicides are prevented by having a social society? Years back, Hunter S Thompson offed himself when the football season ended. I guess he was just hanging on waiting to see how it ended.

          • going off on a tangent, but sports are a huge positive and much needed distraction that society needs… If you can power through this I really think it’s worth the risk.

        • Where do you get the idea that Fauci wasn’t wearing a mask at Opening Day? He wore one when throwing out the first pitch:

          • mikenyc2007

            when he was in the stands…sitting next to a person on each side of himself…..and then a mea culpa ” i was drinking water” …. although he wasnt drinking water…. and should have sat a few seats apart anyway.

      • MikeD

        It’s likely that those who have been infected have immunity. Initial research (although limited) backs this up. The question is how long it will last, and if the virus mutates significantly, will those who had the original infection still have immunity. Unknown. History suggests that if the virus mutates it will to a less virulent form. Also, if it mutates, those who have been exposed to the prior version will still have some form of immunity that will lessen the impact. A vaccine, coupled with increasing immunity, means we should be ok next year, but getting to next year will have its challenges.

        • NJYankeeFan

          Agree with this but a vaccine next year is probably optimistic. At least widely circulated.

        • When the common cold first spread among humans it likely elicited a similar unpredictable immune response. Over time COVID-19 will become no dangerous than the common cold, not because of a vaccine, but because of frequent exposure.

  9. brian m

    If the season were to end today, the O’s would finish above .500, be AL East champions (based on tiebreakers), and be tied for the best record in baseball.

    • lightSABR

      Coincidence? I think not. There you have it, ladies and gentlemen: The virus was built in a lab by Buck Showalter.

  10. The Original Drew

    It’s taken less than a week for MLB to reach a worst case scenario event.

    This whole situation is only going to be successful if there isn;t discipline and accountability from every single person involved (and tangentially involved). Even in bubble situations, this clearly isn’t happening.

    Sports aren’t going to be a thing this year. Let’s accept this now instead of fighting it and move on.

    From a fans perspective, starting the season and now stopping it is far worse than just cancelling the season to begin with.

    • Nick

      From day one of summer camp it was cringey watching the players walk past each other in the dugout with no mask, high five, etc.

      If I had to bet, I’d assume that the Marlins’ outbreak occurred somewhere other than the playing field (clubhouse, transportation, hotel, etc.) but the fact that they aren’t all masked up when publicly visible in the dugout makes me seriously question what measures are being taken when they’re out of sight.

      The fact that testing gives next day results is also a giant concern.

      • Coronaveddardus

        Yeah, that looked strange seeing the high fives and fist bumps. Every player in the dugout and clubhouse should be wearing a mask. When you go out on the field or on deck you can take the mask off. Coaches and staff were all wearing masks so why not the players?

    • MikeD

      Point taken, but this is not worst-case scenario yet. I won’t say what that is but you can imagine it.

  11. Coronaveddardus

    This was so predictable, Bobby. One outbreak is all it took to derail the season. How can you not have the Phillies play today but play tomorrow? And the Marlins are probably shut down for weeks. It’s either safe to play or not. This just don’t look good for any sports the rest of the year.

    • NJYankeeFan

      Or next year or the year after that. Cannot live in a bubble forever. Waiting for a vaccine that may never come.

      That said players need to be responsible. Wear masks, socially distance. No high fives. No spitting.

      Follow good social distancing off the field as well.

    • Phils should quarantine for a few days as well, if they had contact yesterday how do we know they’re okay tomorrow? Plan – Yanks play the Marlins opponent, the Orioles, this week. Philly and Miami take the next 3-4 days off to quarantine. THAT’S AN EXTREMELY SHORT QUARANTINE PERIOD STILL, but it’s better than letting these teams back in tomorrow. Winning % to decide seeding, just throw the games out – but Yanks and Os rejigger the schedule later in the year to play these teams to hold some semblance of competitive balance.

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