The statement above says it all, but with impending thunderstorms this evening, the Yankees decided to bang this one early. No messing around, which I certainly appreciate as the person who was going to write up tonight’s game takeaways. In any event: tomorrow’s a straight double header, and as you know, that means back-to-back seven inning games. There’ll be a brief break in between, of course. We’ll have our usual DoTF post later tonight.

The Yankees had put out a lineup earlier, by the way. It didn’t include Giancarlo Stanton (still on the injured list, though eligible to return) or Luke Voit (presumably paternity leave, as was suggested yesterday). Perhaps one or both will be available tomorrow. If we get any updates on them tonight, we’ll update this post accordingly. Additionally, if there’s any word on Corey Kluber’s MRI (cross your fingers), we’ll relay that news as well.