The Yankees Have Reinstated Aaron Judge

At long last, our Large Adult Son is returning. What a glorious day. Aaron Judge has been reinstated by the Yankees:

Judge has joked that he hopes there’s still a place for him in the lineup, but I think everyone understands that he’s the best hitter on the team. I love Gary, and Stanton, and Gary, and Voit, and DJLM, and Gleyber, and man, I could really do this for the whole lineup, couldn’t I? I could. It is good. It is so very good.

But anyway, Judge is obviously the best hitter and player on the team. He’s on the very short list of best players in baseball. Here are his career stats: .263/.379/.531 (139 wRC+) with 88 home runs in 314 (nice) career games. He’s been worth a ridiculous 14.0 fWAR in that period, and he plays great defense. Hopefully he gets a little love for that this year, too.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing Judge in the lineup today, and hopefully a full lineup altogether, which could look something like this:

  1. DJLM
  2. Judge
  3. Stanton
  4. Gary
  5. EE
  6. Voit
  7. Didi
  8. Hicks
  9. Torres

Lol. Just lol. As we’ve grown fond of saying here in Yankeeland, we feel sorry for the baseballs. Ed note: we don’t actually feel sorry for the baseballs.


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  1. Dani

    that lineup, holy moly!

  2. kreesg1


    I think batting hicks 9th helps him round into to sharp without extra pressure.
    I am wondering if Volt should bat 2nd and Judge 5th. Volt walks alot and again batting Judge 5th remove pressure from him.

  3. JudgingStanton

    I’m tempted to slide voit to 2, or at least in front of EE. That 390 obp belongs in front of the other big boys. let judgey drive him in.

    • JudgingStanton

      Also, once hicks gets his obp back up in the 370s i’d like him leading off and DJ’s high BA hitting with ducks on the pond.

  4. dasit

    that line-up vs sale/price/e-rod should be fun

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