The Yankees Have Activated Didi Gregorius

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Welcome back, Sir Didi. As expected, the Yankees welcomed the lovable shortstop back from his rehab stint in AAA following his offseason Tommy John surgery. The accompanying roster move involves transferring Troy Tulowitzki to the 60-day IL, in case you’d forgotten that Tulo is a Yankee.

Didi is expected to play tonight. We should expect him to be eased into regular playing time, with the infield divided up among Sir Didi, Gio Urshela, DJ LeMahieu, and Gleyber Torres. It will be good to have Didi back, as he is clearly an asset on the field (even if it will take him some time to shake off the rust) and a beloved clubhouse presence. This is good news. I can’t believe it was only 61 games missed, really. Remarkable.

Anyway, Didi welcomed himself back as only he can: with a tweet. Enjoy this one, folks.


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  1. BigYank1

    No we need Severino and Betances to come back and shore up our pitching. I wonder how long Judge and Stanton have left on their rehab?

  2. Brian M

    Interesting video that Didi made. I think he’s been watching too much Dragonball Z.

  3. Dan Arreaza

    Welcome back Sir Didi!

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