The Views From 314ft Podcast Episode 9: Conjugal Visits?

Randy and Matt join forces to discuss some recent news on the Yankees injury front along with the New York Times opinion piece from Scott Boras regarding the start of the 2020 season. In addition, we talk about The Athletic round table with Ken Rosenthal, Shams Charania, and Pierre Lebrun. The three journalists discuss the potential for a return to sports in the major sports leagues this summer. Finally, the podcast discusses the absurd idea of turning major league baseball into more of a reality tv show.

We are adhering to the shelter in place guidelines of New York State and recording remotely. We will be doing so for as long as the “shelter in place” order remains. We’re talking on Skype so we apologize in advance for any sound quality issues.

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[Introduction]: Matt and Randy catch up and we find out exactly what Matt does for a living.

[4:40]: Aaron Boone gives an update on the injured Yankees and gives some encouraging news. We talk about what this means for the upcoming season.

[18:20]: Scott Boras gives his opinion on whether MLB should open back up for business. Is it a tone deaf stance?

[34:25]: Ken Rosenthal drops some more information about what a season could potentially look like if we have one. We consider the most viable options.

[57:38]: Conjugal visits for the winning team? What.

Again, we apologize for any sound quality issues. We’re making the most of a tough situation as all of you are. Please don’t forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify and spread the word.

We hope you and your families remain safe and healthy. See you again next week.


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  1. MikeD

    You guys touched on something that I’ve noticed in the media. Any plan to restart MLB gets jumped on (negatively) in the media, likely because negative gets more clicks than positives, and the plans we are hearing are leaked and incomplete. MLB should be looking at scenarios to reopen. That doesn’t mean MLB will reopen, but they have to prepare scenarios on how it might happen. Like all of us, I look at them, but take them with a huge grain of salt until an official plan is sent to the MLBPA and both sides have their input.

    I don’t think it’s just the owners who want to open up the game for financial reasons. The players will too. They want to get paid, and they already agreed to a plan that means they won’t get paid past a certain date unless baseball returns. I expect a lot of back and forth on some plan in the coming weeks and I suspect the two sides will come to an agreement. That still doesn’t mean there will be baseball. The numbers associated with the virus will be the ultimate arbiter on that.

    One of you (I think it was Matt) said they should let science or the experts, the epidemiologists, guide us. Absolutely. The problem though is the science on this actually has opposing views at times, which is what you’d expect with a new virus, so it’s not just the politicians who are the issue. The data needs to guide us, but so far it has not. We still have a sledgehammer approach several months in when we should have a more surgical approach of what should be opened and when. It’s getting better, but there is still conflict, and if the experts are conflicted, that means our politicians will conveniently grasp on to a narrative that fits their cause, which leads to the question: what chance do we all have, and what chance does MLB have of ever reopening this year?!

    I don’t agree with Matt’s concern that baseball shouldn’t be played in November because fans will be watching football. So what? I do agree with the second part of his analysis. Games played into late November will have an impact on Spring Training 2021 and injuries in the 2021 season, not that we should be so sure there will even be a 2021 season. Why does anyone thing there will be a vaccine that quickly, or ever?

    Anyway, keep up the good work Brothers in Blog. It’s not easy to run a baseball blog when there is no baseball!

  2. dave warner

    hey guys, any chance you can get the pod up on stitcher?

    • Randy

      We have to check with the podcast studio. They handle the distribution for us.

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