The Views From 314ft Podcast Episode 81: Locked-out and Loaded

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Just because there’s an MLB lockout doesn’t mean there’s one for The Views from 314ft podcast. Randy, Rohan, and Derek join to discuss all things lockout and free agency. The three share their differing views on how they feel about the lockout and what needs to happen next. They also lament the degraded relationship between the players and owners. Next, they discuss the free agent frenzy that preceded the lockout and share their thoughts on what the Yankees will do. The episode concludes with some basketball talk because there won’t be any baseball to speak of for some time.

The podcast is still a remote recording. We are operating over Skype, so we apologize in advance for any sound quality issues. We hope you continue to bear with us as internet connections can always be tricky during recording.

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How the dual ball season may have affected the Yankees


Early Lockout Thoughts

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  1. DZB

    I am partway through the podcast and wanted to add a comment. Regarding the discussion of MLB clearing their website of player information, my understanding is that had to be done since the MLB does not have the right to use the likeness of the players owing to the nature of the MLBPA contract. I just went to and it just looks ridiculous (so bizarre!). But that is my understanding of the decision

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