The Views From 314ft Podcast Episode 80: Rumors from the GM Meetings

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It’s the return of Randy Francesa. Randy embarks on a solo mission to discuss the news and rumors coming from the GM meetings. This episode discusses the shortstop search, the centerfield markets, Matt Olson rumors, potential non-tenders, and MLB’s desire to use WAR to determine arbitration cases. You should come for the content and stay to see if the episode lasts an hour.

The podcast is still a remote recording. We are operating over Skype, so we apologize in advance for any sound quality issues. We hope you continue to bear with us as internet connections can always be tricky during recording.

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  1. MikeD

    Randy, thanks for the update on The Captain. Looking forward to it. As a homage to all of us here, could you work in a quick interview with Tyler Wade as someone who grew up admiring Derek? : -). Seriously, though, after all the work is done, it would be great to hear from you what it was like working on biopic and meeting many of these legends.

    BTW One note on Hicks. He had a 122 OPS+ in 2020. I will keep suggesting that the Yankees should move Hicks into the Gardner role. High-rotation 4th OFer, who can actually play all OF positions. That hopefully will keep him healthier. The $10M price tag is a lot for a 4th OFer, but is it really?

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