The Views From 314ft Podcast Episode 76: Doom and Gloom

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With the recent elimination from the Wild Card game still on their minds, Randy and Jaime get in this week’s podcast. The duo start by giving their impression of the game and what they could have done better in it. They also go about their general feeling about how this team did in the season. Finally, they talk about what the 2022 season may hold for the Yankees and what they could do to improve and win it all next year.

The podcast is still being recorded remotely. We are operating over Skype, so we apologize in advance for any sound quality issues. We hope you continue to bear with us as internet connections can always be tricky during recording.

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  1. Jason

    Great podcast guys. Cathartic, therapeutic, and neccessary.

    While this year doesn’t sting as much, I think the issues of this year were an accumulation of what has led to the Yankees getting eliminated from 2017-2020, which was how bad the ABs became in those series they were eliminated in.

    I think the 2019 ALCS needs a revisit because after that first game, those Yankees ABs became frustrating. We should’ve won that series in Yankee Stadium.

    Is it Thames, the talent, or just dumb luck, are opposing teams pitching significantly better than our bats(maybe im naive, but i can’t put stock into this last one)?

    Thanks for the content all year, I look forward to future offseason podcasts.

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