The Views From 314ft Podcast Episode 19: Workload Management

Bobby and Derek discuss the Yankees’ fluid roster situation as summer camp winds down and Opening Day closes in. With Aroldis Chapman joining DJ LeMahieu and Luis Cessa on the sidelines due to COVID-19, we break down the impact of the closer’s absence on the rest of the bullpen. Additionally, we get into the starting rotation with remaining uncertainty on Masahiro Tanaka’s return despite a seemingly positive prognosis. We also weigh in on JA Happ’s 2021 vesting option in light of some recent news related to his contract status.

Randy (workload management) will return to host the show next week.

Despite New York City remaining in Phase 3, we are still recording remotely. We are operating over Skype so we apologize in advance for any sound quality issues. We hope you continue to bear with us as internet connections can always be tricky during recording.

We hope this gives you some distraction from all the craziness in the world right now. 

Again, we apologize for any sound quality issues. We’re making the most of an inconvenient situation as all of you are. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the pod and spread the word.


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