The Views From 314ft Podcast Episode 16: Pandemic Baseball

Randy and Matt join forces to discuss the big news that MLB will have a 60 game season for 2020. We jump into the conversation asking how comfortable we are with baseball returning as COVID-19 infection rates spike in many states throughout the country. Beyond that, we go through some of the proposed rule changes that will definitely make this season unlike any other we’ve seen before.

Despite New York City entering Phase 2 this week, we are still recording remotely. We are operating over Skype so we apologize in advance for any sound quality issues.

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  1. dasit

    this will be an unmitigated disaster
    within 20 games multiple teams will consist of minor leaguers when the virus inevitably sweeps through their clubhouse and sidelines the regulars

  2. Coronaveddardus

    I just don’t like the 60 games, Randy. We may not even watch. What makes baseball great are the peaks and valleys over a 162 game season. Now it’s basically a sprint. One bad week and you’re out. One covid outbreak and that’s your season. And the rule changes are dumb. It’s not real baseball with ghost runners and 50 man rosters.

    This might be a moot point if the virus continues to spread. If a few teams have outbreaks and have to forfeit games they might as well just shut it down. Their grand idea was to play all the games in Florida and Arizona and now folks are running from those places. Maybe Japan and South Korea will let us play there.

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