The Top 6 Moments from the Game of the Year

The Yankees and Twins played baseball’s top (worst?) game of the season Tuesday night with four blown saves, five lead changes, the Yankees overcoming a six-run deficit, a homer for each team down to its final five outs and the catch of the year. Randy had a kick-ass recap if you want the details.

As both an “In Case You Missed It” and a “That Happened and We Should Remember This,” here are the top five 6-7 moments for the Yankees in my exhausted opinion.

Tie for 6: Didi’s homer and Tauchman’s double

OK, I’m already cheating, but let’s go with it. The Yankees were down 8-2 in the fifth and Didi Gregorius already had two RBI, but the Knight was down for more. He hit a three-run homer that got out in a millisecond.

It was smacked 106.5 mph and was the moment that the Yankees went from just getting through eight innings of pitching to maybe being able to win.

Mike Tauchman’s RBI double, with the Yankees trailing 9-5, brought the tying run to the plate and again gave the team hope.

5. Torres puts NYY ahead for good

Nearly forgot about this and it was the winning hit!

Swinging on a 3-0 count with two men on in extra innings, Torres lifted a single to right-center to score the go-ahead run and set up the 14th run as well.

4. Judge’s two-run double

Oh man, this almost tied the game and Judge was slow out of the box admiring it. Classic Target Field.

That was 105.1 mph and came shortly before Luke Voit’s strikeout/walk.

3. Didi’s second double

Gregorius had a 5-for-5 night with 7 RBI and the last two RBI came in the eighth inning to flip the game from a 9-8 deficit to a 10-9 lead. It looked sooooooooo similar to Curtis Granderson’s go-ahead triple from the 2010 ALDS, though I guess every double/triple off the right-center Target Field wall does that. Sorry Twins.

2. Hicks goes deep

Again, shouts to Mike Tauchman for a crazy good AB to walk and make Hicks’ at-bat possible. Tauchman is on one right now.

Anyway, this was the Yankees’ biggest hit of the season by WPA, a 71.7 percent swing in win probability as the Yankees were down to their final out, then suddenly led 12-11 to overcome Zack Britton’s blown save.

1. Catch of the Freaking Year

This is a moment you won’t forget.

Here’s the win probability graph. What a game.



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  1. RetroRob

    Judge probably cost himself a triple by assuming the ball was a HR. Fortunately, it didn’t cost them.

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