The State of the Blog

As you may have noticed, the frequency of posts here at Views has declined significantly over the last month or so. On Opening Day, we outlined our plans for 2022 season coverage, which noted reduced content this season for various reasons. Unfortunately, even that plan was too ambitious.

This isn’t the end of Views, at least, not yet. We’re going to keep the site running until at least next February — we’ve prepaid the server costs through then already — but we don’t want to make any promises regarding the extent of our coverage or what happens beyond February 2023. Whether it’s one post or multiple articles a week remains to be seen. At the very least, our Twitter account will remain pretty active.

My personal goal is to write one post per week, similar to what Matt does. I know I was writing a bit more often than that even after my daughter was born, but I think I was running on adrenaline. Doing DoTF, the chat, and one other post a week simply wasn’t sustainable for me.

So, that’s where things stand. We’ll do our best to keep things going, but again, our time is very limited. As always, we appreciate all the support you’ve given us over the years, and we hope you stick with us through quieter times.


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  1. Jorgieporgie

    Thank you for everything you’ve done here, I’ve really enjoyed it

  2. Bam Bam Muelens

    Well Suzyn… in life unfortunately all good things come to an end.

    The Monument Park of Yankees Blogs
    LoHud (monument)
    NoMaas (monument)
    River Ave Blues (monument)
    Views from 314 (plaque)

  3. Jakeeeeeeee

    Y’all had a good run at it 😭😭… been a loyal reader for a while now and I’m just sad to see y’all go. Thanks for the memories ig.

  4. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    We have noticed, Derek, and I think I’m going to announce soon that I’m taking my talents to Pinstripe Alley. I’m like Miggy Andujar here, wasting away my prime years. But it’s not like we’re watching the best Yankee ballclub since 1998 or anything, so there’s nothing to even talk about.

    I like how folks, including this blog’s disappearing writers, were so worried about the black hole in the C and SS positions but IKF and Trevino have hit as much as anybody. The black holes have been Gallo and Hicks. I know Gallo hit a HR today but that just means he’ll strike out 45 out of the next 50 ABs. His 6th HR all year and 9 RBIs, Hicks 1 HR. Carpenter hit his 4th HR in his 5th AB. Something needs to be done with those two whether it’s a phantom IL stint, DFA or prisoner exchange for Brittany Greiner. Andujar is better than both. Can’t Carpenter fake it out in LF? We need his power bat in the lineup.

    We can’t waste this historically good pitching. I just can’t believe how good they’ve been. I’ve been saying Nestor is an ace for years and finally others have caught on to this kid’s talent. He won’t just be an All Star, he’ll start the All Star Game, just another milestone on his way to Cooperstown. Give credit to Cole, he’s been lights out. Tallion almost pitched a perfect game and lost, poor Monty has a 2 ERA and 1 win. Sevy looks like he’s back. Matt Blake has done wonders. Who needs a pen when you have these guys. We do need Chappy to come back to form to free up Holmes to be the fire man. King is good but I’d rather not put that pressure on the kid yet. Like I said, this is the best Yankee ballclub I’ve seen in 100 years and luckily we have such a vibrant place here to document it.

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