The Series Where Everything Goes Wrong

This weekend’s series sweet at the hands the Cardinals had a little bit of everything, didn’t it?

A blown save by the AL’s formerly most dominant reliever.

A shutout mainly at the hands of someone just traded away for at least slightly illogical reasons.

A back-and-forth loss in which multiple leads were blown by the newly acquired, big-ticket starting pitcher, not to mention the other new acquisition whose homer allowed put the game out of reach.

Oh, and Anthony Rizzo is out with a bad back and Gleyber Torres has been a ghost for the last week or so (today notwithstanding). Did I mention Andrew Benintendi is 4-30 since joining the Yankees?

Starting to feel like Joe Pesci:

To put it mildly, the vibes are very, very off.

I wrote or tweeted many times that the Yankees building up a big lead in the division was a good thing so it wasn’t likely that they’d have to fight for a division or playoff spot in September and October. They’re not going to have to, but their lead over the Astros for home field advantage has evaporated. The pitching has regressed considerably. The lineup looks weak half the time and suffers when DJ LeMahieu and Aaron Judge don’t constantly produce; luckily, they’ve been almost constantly producing. We’ve seen this team go from its best case scenario to its worst over the last month or so and it is exceedingly frustrating.

Going into this year, there were a lot of questions and those questions were answered in a positive direction and expectations were blown away at the beginning of the year. But as is almost always the case with baseball, those answers weren’t written in stone and they’ve started to turn. For now, this 2022 season is starting to feel very 2021.

There’s time to turn things back around, of course. There’s over a month of baseball left. While things may not always be good as they were April through June, they’re not likely to be this bad for the rest of August and September.


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  1. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    I’d be shocked if this club held on, Matt. It’s just a bad bad baseball team led by a bad bad manager. Nevin managed circles around Boone last night. 1 hit in two games vs the 40 win AAAA’s against two 6 ERA pitchers and the game before that they won 3-2 because Judge hit a three run homer so it was really 2 hits in 3 games. And yet another L last night. Montas has a 9 ERA in 4 games with the Yankees, Monty a 0.35 ERA in his first 3 games with St Louis, JP Sears with a 1 ERA in his first 4 games with the A’s. They literally coulda just stayed with Monty or plugged in Sears and been a lot better off. And the narrative, “Well Monty wouldn’t have been in our postseason rotation anyway.” Yeah, but what if you don’t make it to the postseason? What if someone gets hurt like Nestor is now? This team never give its kids a chance to show what they can do. When they finally do like Oswaldo what do you know he’s the team’s 2nd best hitter and is leaps and bounds better than IKF, Hicks and Marwin. People have been clamoring for that upgrade for months. Instead we have to watch decrepit Donaldson hit .210. Rizzo was supposed to be a contact hitter that choked up on the bat and they’ve ruined his swing and made him yet another .220 hitter that hits the occasional HR just like everybody else in the lineup. DJ and Bentintendi are too streaky and not consistent hitters. Besides Judge it’s just a bad ballclub. The only injury now is Carpenter so there really isn’t an excuse for scoring 1-2 runs a game. And how bad is Boone at making lineups? Every day is something different. Yesterday he had Bentintendi hitting 3rd behind Judge vs a lefty starter. So what does Nevin do? Walks Judge and pitches to limp noodle Bentintendi. Why not just have Stanton hit 3rd especially vs LHP? I’ve never seen a manager that knows so little about baseball.

  2. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    Another series, another beatdown. It wasn’t too long ago that I said this club would not win the division. I was laughed at, I was ridiculed, I was spit on. Now I wonder what they think about their vaunted New York Yankees. They won’t win a game vs the Mets, the toast of the town, so that’s another 2 L’s on the board. The lead is already down to 7 and will be down to 4 by September. I don’t see them holding on. Mets have an actual ace in Scherzer that has shut this lineup down more times than we can count. They have a real manager that knows what he’s doing and doesn’t just slam his fist on the desk to show that he’s trying. They score 1 run a game and the only two injuries are Stanton and Carpenter. Why can’t the others do anything? If not for one game heroics from Donaldson, IKF and Benintendi do they even win a game these last 3 weeks? I like giving Oswaldo a chance. He has flair and has at least given the team a little bit of a jolt, but you can’t bring a dead man back to life even with all the electricity in the world. They may hold on for a WC by default but Seattle’s better and has an actual ace, Toronto is better and has a real lineup and an actual ace, Tampa is better and has a manager that knows what he’s doing, Cleveland is better, and of course Houston is leaps and bounds better. The only team these Yankees could beat are the Twins because the Yankees always beat the Twins. I just don’t see anything more than a first round exit if they even hold on for a playoff spot. The pitching is bad, the hitting is bad, the managing is bad, everything is bad and that will earn both Boone and Cash an extension at season’s end while they let Judge walk to save a couple of bucks. Fans should start boycotting the games because that’s the only thing that will get Hal to change is if it starts affecting his bottom line.

  3. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    Josh! By Gosh! Once again, someone unexpected had to save the season because Boone doesn’t know what he’s doing and Chappy is still a nut case. If they had lost that game the lead is down to 7 and Tampa is surging. They’re getting healthy and we’re not. But Josh gave us some temporary happiness with one swing of the bat. DJ’s back this weekend so that should help but I can’t help but think they’ll ruin Paulie O’Neill’s retirement ceremony with another embarrassing loss.

    And how about the kids finally getting a chance? Second good thing they’ve done all season behind only signing Matt Carpenter. Oswaldo and Esteban gave the club a jolt of energy that led to 8 runs of output in one game instead of 8 runs a week. It’s like when Billy Preston joined The Beatles and they became a band again for one last hurrah.

    Effross needs to be made the closer immediately. Last night was another case of Boone overmanaging and nearly blowing yet another game. We are so screwed in October with him at the helm. Effross was mowing through hitters, pitches better against lefties and so Boone decides to go to Chappy with a runner on 2nd and 1 out. Chappy of course walks 2 batters and gives up a 3 run double. He needs to go to the nut house with Clay Holmes. And he pinch hits hapless Hicks for contact hitting IKF in the 9th. Hapless Hicks struck out in the most predictable outcome ever. I just don’t understand what these guys have to do to get fired. How bad can you be at your job and not get fired? I was fired for my job at Denny’s for a lot less.

  4. So I’m now all in on the need for a couple of moves to demonstrate that the people in charge care about winning and the players who suck don’t get to play (can we field 9 guys if we do that?). Should DFA Hicks and Donaldson (just swallow the money; the team can afford it) along with Abreu. Bring up Flores, and the 2 best infielders at AAA. Sit Torres. Bring back Maranaccio and keep him there. Schmidt stays in the rotation at triple A until we need a starter, which we don’t right now. This will send a message, add some enthusiasm in the locker room with guys eager to win. Even if the prospects are “not ready” they can’t be worse than the guys the replace and they will be trying harder.

  5. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    I’ve never been more embarrassed to be a Yankees fan that I have been these last two nights, Matt. First the 2 hour Sunday night game, I’ve never seen a more listless club that just wanted to get out of town. No effort, no sense of urgency, just swing make an out so we can get on the plane. Not even The Captain Derek Jeter could save it. The Captain actually looked good enough to still play and hit leadoff in this lineup. He looked so good that ARod couldn’t keep his hands off him. If it wasn’t for IKF’s heroics we wouldn’t have won a single game in two weeks.

    And last night Hicks took the ineptitude to an entirely different level. He shouldn’t be in center field, he shouldn’t even be on the ballclub. If it wasn’t for Gallo taking on the heat he woulda been even more vilified. This is a guy that Cash signed to a 7 year deal and he’s always hurt and when he’s not hurt he hits .200 and looks like a circus clown in center field spinning around and turning every which way but loose while the ball drops 20 feet away from him. Then he gets up with the bases loaded and 1 out with a chance to redeem himself and he hits a little dribbler for a double play. At least Gallo only made one out at a time. And the Dodgers have turned Gallo into a respectable .263 hitter by the way. And they’ve turned Andrew Heaney into a 1 ERA pitcher. What is wrong with this coaching staff? Boone is so clueless and he couldn’t motivate a dog to pee on a fire hydrant. The club is done playing for him. They’re done playing for Cash. Cash is the one who signed Hicks, he’s the one who traded away Monty(2-0 with a 0.00 ERA with St Louis), he’s the one who traded for decrepit Donaldson. Cash has gotta go. And Boone continues to put the wrong reliever in every single time. He lost that first game in Boston. Everyone knew Holmes was going to blow that game because he’s been a nut case for weeks. He has no feel for the game and continuously gets outmanaged by Dusty, Buck and Cash. This is what happens when you give a TV personality such an important job. Pretty soon we’ll probably hear that he’s being investigated for espionage.

  6. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    I was hoping for an “IKF saves the season post” today. If this were a working blog maybe we’d see it. He sure did save it didn’t he? Single handedly willing this club to victory with a powerful 2 run HR and a masterful bunt that we’ve been begging to see for years. Finally someone with some high baseball IQ beating thr shift. And folks wanted this kid demoted for Oswald Colbblepot or whatever that guy’s name is down in Scranton. And finally Boone got it through his thick empty skull not to use Holmes and Abreu in close ballgames. The other relievers did fine as did Montas. Chappy needs to be restored to closer immediately. Let that nutcase Holmes pitch in blowouts. Must win tonight which means a loss. Judge and IKF are our only sources of power. The other seven dwarves haven’t done anything in weeks. Even DJ has cooled off. Rizzo hit one last night that shoulda been a homer if not for this trash ballpark. Glazyber hit a couple hard hit balls, maybe he’s coming out of his slump. Donaldson looks as lost as ever yet Boone keeps putting him in the cleanup spot. At least play Miggy once in a while.

  7. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    Another series, another embarrassing loss. I just don’t understand why Fat Albert Abreu is on this team. The Rangers and KC Royals, with no pitching whatsoever, didn’t want him and yet Boone keeps going to him again and again and again in close ballgames. He’s allowed more inherited runners to score than anyone in baseball. Why? Why Why? Why is Marrinachio with a 1 ERA rotting in AAA? Why is Clarke with a 2 ERA rotting in AAA? Why doesn’t Boone use Trevino and Elfross who were obtained specifically for these situations? I just don’t get why people think Boone is a good manager. He thinks just because Abreu throws hard that he’s good. And then he brings in Peralta, the far better reliever, after the lead is lost. I just can’t take it anymore. Between that and the baserunning blunders and the weak lineup this club is going nowhere. It was Judge, Carpenter and the seven dwarves and now Carpenter is gone for the season. They may hold on to a 10 game lead by default but this team won’t beat Seattle in the ALDS and Houston looms in the ALCS. Every year this team gets to October and can’t hit good pitching. Every single season and they’ve done absolutely nothing to address it. You saw it on Tuesday vs Castillo. They can’t hit the Verlanders, Castillos and Scherzers and get outpitched every single time.

  8. Kalman Heller

    Wow. This guy makes it sound like the Yanks will be fortunate to make it to the playoffs. Sure, there are some valid criticisms there but the team is much better than he describes. So many Yankee fans are just supercritical and jump off the bandwagon when a team struggles. I expect them to pull things together over the next few weeks and finish with a strong September, possibly with some help from AAA.

    • Anthony Rizzeddardo

      Carpenter is now out for the season so yes we should be panicking, Kalman. This season was fun while it lasted but it’s over.

      • Kalman Heller

        Hmmm? 10.5 game lead in the division with just 62 games left. Still seems to me you are bailing out a bit too soon. In September we will have a few key missing hitters and pitchers and likely to win enough to hold our lead. Nice win last night even with continued concern about Holmes.

  9. I thought it was the worst loss since Cain killed Abel, Matt. To me it’s over, for both this blog since you and I seem to be the only ones here, but also for this ballclub. You could see it this weekend. They were just going through the motions and the feckless Boone couldn’t motivate a fat kid to eat a cupcake. Remember when I said this offseason that Buck was the hire to make? That Buck would turn around this undisciplined ballclub and turn it into a WS winner? Instead they extended a tv guy posing as a leader of men when the only thing he’s good at is throwing his gum on the field. It’s Judge, Carpenter and the seven dwarves out there. Wasn’t Stanton only supposed to miss 2 weeks? Now they say it’ll be September when he returns. Sevy won’t be due back until mid September. In one of the worst trades ever, Jordan Montgomery for an injured center fielder with a boot on his foot. Bader isn’t due back until September if at all. Not only did the Monty trade ruin any chemistry this club had but he pitched a shutout against us on Saturday! And Cash’s great new pickup Montas laid a giant egg yesterday. Holmes ran hot and is now crashing back to Earth. Rizzo said his back only flares up once a year and this is now the second time in a month. He’s the next Kevin Youkilis. The rest of the guys barely hit .220 and the two who don’t, IKF and Benintendi, are punch and judy hitters that make Jayson Nix look like Roger Maris. This is a bad bad ballclub. Cole is not an ace like Verlander or Scherzer. There’s another mistake the FO made, not getting a true ace that can win in October. Cole is a 4 ERA pitcher at best and without the spider tack he’s just a middling starter. Nestor is the lone bright spot in the rotation, the rotation that Cash made weaker at the deadline. Macchio was brilliant so of course he was sent down to AAA to make way for Tim Locastro. A 16 game lead is down to 9 and after this series sweep in Seattle it’ll be down to 6. I’d be shocked if they held on for the division. Toronto actually improved their club at the deadline and fired their feckless manager when they knew it wasn’t working and that gave them a spark. They’ll hold on for a wildcard but won’t get any further than that. Seattle is better, Houston is better, Cleveland is better, Toronto is better, Baltimore is better, if it wasn’t for injuries Tampa would be better. This is a bad bad organization that is rotten at the core and needs wholesale changes in the FO and coaching staff if it ever wants to get back to the glory days when George was alive. All Yankee fans have left now is the past so make sure to soak up The Captain by our very own Randy.

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