The Atlanta Braves Have Signed Dallas Keuchel

Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Well, that’s not what you want. The Atlanta Braves have signed Dallas Keuchel, according to The Athletic’s Dave O’Brien. Terms of the deal are not yet available, but here’s what we know so far:

If that’s actually a one-year deal, consider me capital-A Annoyed. The Yankees should have been all over this. I’ve said what I have to say about Keuchel the pitcher here, so check that out if you missed it. TL;DR: despite some red flags, he’d have made a very nice addition to the Yankee rotation.

Hopefully, the reason why the Yanks weren’t in on this is because they have a trade for a better pitcher in the works, or think they can execute one. More likely, though, this came down to money and money alone. These aren’t your father’s New York Yankees anymore, folks. Sigh.

We’ll update with more information as it’s made available.

Update (10:50pm): The final deal for Keuchel comes in at 1 year, $13 million, per Tim Brown of Yahoo.

The New York Post’s Joel Sherman reports that the Yankees were willing to go as high as the pro-rated bonus, which is $11 million.

Yeah. So my initial instincts were right: the Yankees got outbid by the freaking Atlanta Braves. $2m is peanuts to an organization like the Yankees–and a $13 or even $15 million salary wouldn’t put the Yanks above their precious 3rd luxury tax threshold anyway–and it is infuriating that they missed out on yet another free agent pitcher who would help the team. Absolutely infuriating.

I am so sick of hearing “they liked Player X, but on their terms” and that “the Yankees are making a trade by getting Injured Yankee A back” because frankly, that is a cop out. The Yankees are by far the richest team in the entire sport, they are in the midst of a legitimate title run, and they have a clear need in the rotation. I guess we wait 2 months for the deadline, but I’m pretty sure we know the game here: the Yanks will be connected to a starter, like the player as a player, but not like the contract and pass on it. Same old movie we’ve seen a hundred times.

They have won one (1) title since Opening Day 2001 and watched their rivals in Boston win 4 titles in that time. The Yankees haven’t won the division since 2012. The Yankees are very smart and have built a winner, and they deserve credit for that. They do not deserve total deference, though. Hopefully they don’t regret this and they go out and get an even better pitcher, though whoever that is will cost both money and prospects. But hey: at least they won tonight.


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  1. William Maier

    It is frustrating, Keuchel would’ve helped. But given Cashman’s ninja like moves in recent years, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I think he has a trade in mind. Just hope he doesn’t wait until 7/31 to make a move.

  2. Good rant Bobby.

    I’m ok with Cash and Hal passing on Keuchel if they felt he wouldn’t be successful due to all the red flags about his declining performance.

    I’m also ok if they felt they would rather get a significantly better starter even though they would have to trade prospects.

    Not sure either is the case here, but we’ll see.

    The Yanks have been incredibly surprising and fun so far. I do think anyone who doesn’t understand that the owners have cheapened the quality of the game to increase their profits really are missing the boat.

    And yeah…we didn’t win the division or anything else yet…and we haven’t won the division since 2012. Not a great outcome for a franchise with tremendous financial advantage they should enjoy.

    Yanks could go all the way and win #28 while adhering to Hal’s financial whims. I hope they do.

    • Really would love for them to get a top end starter at the TD but let’s be honest here, do they really have the prospects to get that done, assuming Florial is off limits. Things can change in two months I realize but I can’t think of who’d be available for the Yankees to make no one untouchable for. I know deep in my soul that Severino is going to their top “midseason acquisition” and it drives me nuts.

  3. RetroRob

    It is crazy that the Yankees were outbid by $2M, Hopefully Keuchel doesn’t throw a shutout against them in the World Series.

  4. I thought Keuchel seemed like a good fit on a one year contract – but I’m willing to give Cashman the benefit of the doubt. If he’s keying in on an ace rather than depth then this might be the right move.

  5. Western Slope

    Loyal follower of RAB, been on your site every day since you first posted. With love in my heart, I have this to say: enough with the rants about how cheap the Yankees have become. Mike A was on that train for months of Machado and Harper speculation. Gets old fast. I like to think they have become smart. Keuchel is league average. And there is a reason the Astros wanted nothing to do with him. I prefer to take our chances on what is behind curtain no. 1.

    • James S

      Couldn’t agree more. Like it or not this is the reality and Hal has made it clear there is a budget. I felt like there was so much negativity around RAB in the final months because of all the ranting.

    • Western Slope

      Payroll is $220MM. Definitely tanking.

  6. BigYank1

    We need pitching depth one way or another…now Cashman has to trade prospects if he wants an upgrade in the rotation.

  7. menscrillo13

    This really is getting ridiculous. The team making the most money in all of baseball has decided to operate like a medium market size team. They have a young strong core and instead of signing players to compliment them, they keep going with second tier pieces and scrap heap pickups all to save a couple million bucks. Pathetic.

  8. Dan

    Keuchel signs for 1/$13M, so less than $2M over the pro-rated qualifying offer. Wow. Too bad we’re paying Tulo and Morales over $1M (together), right?

  9. BillyMartinVanBuren Boys

    Can’t wait for the obligatory “our players returning from the IL are going to be our mid season acquisitions” line from Cashman. Gag me

    • Fair enough. But Cash will pick someone up if the returning players aren’t sufficient. When has Cash ever failed to reinforce a competitive Yankees team that needs reinforcing?

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