All of us here at Views hope that you and your loved ones are well. I want to take a quick break from all the Yankees news and analysis and check in on all of you. Beyond the loss of sports, this is a tough time for all of us. Some of you may be fighting the virus itself. Some may be dealing with the reality of job furloughs or loss of income (like myself). There are others who may be struggling with the reality of being alone at home.

One reason I love Views is because of the community we’re building. We may not know each other personally, but there is something that unites us. It is our love for the Yankees and our love for baseball. Through that shared passion, relationships are formed. Now feels like the right moment to lean on those relationships. During times like these, it is important to use this space to encourage, uplift and support one another.

So, I am asking all of you that read this post to use the comments section to let us know how you are feeling, if you are in need of help or if you just want to talk to someone. The comments section is normally a place where we debate our various perspectives on the Yankees, but let’s use it as a community resource now. Something as simple as saying you’re ok or you’re not ok is important. If you aren’t comfortable sharing your feelings that is totally fine as well. The point is we want to use the space as an opportunity to be there for one another.

It is also important to point out that there is the potential for some good to come out of this. Maybe we needed more time to spend with family. There is nothing wrong with taking a few extra naps throughout the day. It’s pretty cool to hear the birds chirping instead of hearing car horns all day. There are some silver linings if we search for them. We need them now more than ever.

Hopefully, we will get back to a time where we can argue about what we think is best for our favorite team. In the meanwhile, let’s come together to support our own team: our Views community.