Randy, Bobby, and Derek join forces for Episode 6 of the Views From 314ft Podcast. We’re joined by artist and pop culture influencer Sophia Chang. Sophia was commissioned along with nineteen other artists and influencers to reimagine twenty iconic Topps baseball cards. Sophia’s first card to release is the 1992 Mariano Rivera card. We discuss how Sophia became a part of the Topps 2020 project, the process behind the design and the importance of MLB intersecting with pop culture.

Following our great conversation with Sophia, we discuss the potential MLB plans for starting the regular season in Arizona. We then jump into another plan for the season to take place in both Florida and Arizona. We end the show talking about MLB in…Japan?

We are adhering to the shelter in place guidelines of New York State and recording remotely. We will be doing so for as long as the “shelter in place” order remains. We’re talking on Skype so we apologize in advance for any sound quality issues.

The podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify so please subscribe, drop a five-star rating and spread the word. We hope this gives you some distraction from all the craziness in the world right now. Here are the episode notes:

[Introduction] We say hello to the blog brothers and meet Sophia Chang

[6:05] Arriving at Mariano Rivera as the choice for her first card.

[8:00] Exploring how storytelling influences Sophia’s specific visual approach.

[16:30] The intersectionality between pop culture, street culture and baseball.

[19:45] What went into the choice of choosing the Mariano quote featured on the card.

[21:00] The interesting dynamic of a vibrant and energetic baseball card to represent an era in Yankees baseball not known for their personality.

[25:00] Discussing Sophia’s Jackie Robinson card.

[26:56] What generations of baseball fans have given the most feedback on Sophia’s cards.

[29:30] Does baseball need to establish more partnerships with pop culture?

[38:59] We discuss MLB’s potential plan of holding the regular season in Arizona with the players under quarantine.

[50:23] Bob Nightengale suggested another regular season plan. This one calls for realignment according to team spring training site locations. We discuss the potential of this one sticking.

[57:10] Japan???

Again, we apologize for any sound quality issues. We’re making the most of a tough situation as all of you are. Please don’t forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify and spread the word.

We hope you and your families remain safe and healthy. See you again next week.