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Revisiting the MLBTR Archives: January 2017

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Another day with much ado about nothing for Major League Baseball and the Yankees. As such, let’s turn back the clock to 2017 in what’s now our second edition of the old RAB staple: Revisting the MLB Trade Rumors archives. In case you missed it, I wrote about December 2016’s rumors and news last month.

The Yankees were pretty quiet this month five years ago too, but at least there were some rumors. Let’s get to them:

Revisiting the MLBTR Archives: December 2016

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There is no hot stove to speak of right now, so let’s roll things back five years. I’m bringing back an old RAB classic: Revisiting the MLB Trade Rumors Archive series, with Mike’s blessing. We’ll keep this coming on a monthly basis.

The Yankees were in the midst of rebuilding (retooling?) following the 2016 season. For the first time in my memory, they were sellers at the deadline and replenished the farm. There was no appetite for tanking, but the Yankees clearly were headed toward the start of a youth movement, though contention began perhaps sooner than anticipated in 2017.

Similar to this winter, the owners and MLBPA needed to re-negotiate the CBA for the 2017 season (and beyond). Unlike this year, the two sides struck a deal by the end of November and the offseason proceeded as usual. The Winter Meetings were held in National Harbor, Maryland from December 4th through 8th, and thus there are plenty of rumors to sift through:

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