MLB handed down suspensions to Aroldis Chapman (3 games), Aaron Boone (1 game), and Kevin Cash (1 game) following last night’s postgame benches clearing shouting match. Boone and Cash will serve tonight. Chapman is appealing.

The league’s announcement states that Chapman intentionally threw at Mike Brosseau in the 9th inning last night. Boone was suspended for Chapman’s actions. Cash received his penalty for postgame comments in which he bashed the Yankees’ coaching and noted that he had “a stable of pitchers who throw 98”.

We can argue about whether or not Chapman’s pitch was purposeful or not, but I don’t understand how Boone gets the same suspension as Cash. Boone was rational in his postgame press conference, whereas Cash was a loose cannon who effectively threatened the Yankees.

Now, as for tonight, will there be any further action?

Boone also thinks it can and should be behind us. We’ll see. Still have to play nine innings tonight.