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Game 80: All you can do is laugh


Holy moly, that was an awful loss. Worst loss of the season, no doubt, though we’ve said that before and perhaps we’ll say it again. Hal Steinbrenner speaks with the media tomorrow, and while he probably won’t say anything to appease anyone, it’s…amusing (?) that this was tweeted while the team was winning, and now, he’ll hold court after whatever on earth this game was.

This was shaping up to be a laugher, especially after they scored seven in the first and knocked out Shohei Ohtani before the inning finished. It even looked like this game would be over early due to rain — why exactly they decided to wait around an hour and a half to resume what was already an official game, I don’t know. Instead, they resumed, didn’t tack on runs, and Aroldis Chapman had an absolute meltdown. There were “Fire Boone” chants from those left at the Stadium, by the way. Can you blame them?

Anyway, I do have takeaways from tonight’s game. I’m not sure if what I’ve written so far, or anything going forward, is coherent because it’s past 1am on the east coast. Alas, here we go.

Game 71: Gary Sánchez and the defense deliver again

What a finish! The Yankees snuck past the A’s this afternoon at Yankee Stadium, 2-1. It took some clutch hitting from Gary Sánchez (who else?) and an incredible triple play to bail out a shaky Aroldis Chapman in the ninth to win this one. That’s right, the Yankees turned a game-ending triple play, as you can see in the video above, to win this one.

Game 47: A walk-off walk

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The Yankees have now won six straight games with this afternoon’s 5-4 victory over the White Sox. It came in pretty unconventional fashion, but a win’s a win. Aaron Judge’s ninth inning walk-off walk against Liam Hendriks was the difference in this one. It picked up a rough day for the bullpen, including Aroldis Chapman’s first blown save of the season. With that, let’s get to today’s takeaways:

Game 33: Give the Yankees a Hand

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A win’s a win. After standing absolutely no chance against Max Scherzer, Brad Hand blew the save. And he coughed up the lead again in the tenth, I might add. Same guy the Yankees beat in Game 2 of the Wild Card series last season. They’ve got his number.

The Yankees eventually won this one in 11 frames, 4-3. You read that right: the Yankees won a game in extra innings. Feels like they’ve lost a million frustrating ones already this season. To the takeaways:

Aroldis Chapman’s Debut is a Window into His Future

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The Yankee bullpen has been exceptional in the early going of the season, surrendering just 7 hits, 3 walks, and 1 earned run in its first 18.2 innings of work. While it has been a collective effort, the most encouraging development came last night’s during Aroldis Chapman’s disgusting debut. The Yankee closer threw 19 pitches and generated 10 swings. Of those, 7 (!) came up empty. He was filthy – and, reading between the lines, there are clear signs Chapman will be as effective as ever.

That should not be a surprise to anyone, two backbreaking postseason home runs aside. The lefty closer has been the most important and dominant piece of the Yankee pen since he joined the team. For context, there are 236 qualified relievers in baseball from 2016 through last night’s games. Here are Chapman’s rankings among them in a few key categories:

  • FIP: 2.12 (1st)
  • fWAR: 8.5 (2nd behind Kenley Jansen at 8.6)
  • Average FB Velocity: 99.7 miles-per-hour (2nd behind Jordan Hicks)
  • ERA: 2.36 (2nd behind teammate Zack Britton)
  • ERA-: 54 (2nd behind teammate Zack Britton)
  • Strikeout Rate: 38.9% (5th)
  • Strikeout-to-Walk Rate: 28.4% (T-5th)
  • BAA: .168 (5th)
  • WPA: 8.25 (8th)
  • WHIP: 1.02 (13th)

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