To no one’s surprise, the hit pieces regarding Giancarlo Stanton and his contract are out in full force. Someone has to get the blame for the Yankees quiet offseason thus far, I guess. Rather than blame a payroll that’s been stagnant over the last two decades or lost revenue from COVID-19, Stanton takes the brunt of it. Sure, it stinks that he hasn’t been healthy over the last two seasons. But he himself isn’t holding back this organization.

Despite injuries muddying another season for Stanton, the slugger still managed to shine through when opportunities arose. He can still hit with the best of them and he thrived under the postseason spotlight. Like everyone else, I wanted to see more of Stanton in 2020, but at least there’s some silver lining.

Personal and organizational changes didn’t keep Stanton healthy

Stanton played 158 games in his first season in pinstripes, but has appeared in just 41 games since. In 2019, a biceps strain, right knee strain, calf strain, and a mysterious shoulder injury kept him off the field almost all year. The Yankees made sweeping changes to the team’s training staff because of the myriad of injuries the team suffered in ’19, so Stanton wasn’t alone. There was hope that the change would help keep Stanton (and others) available more often in 2020 and beyond, along with Stanton trimming down over the winter. Unfortunately, that never came to fruition.