Sliding Fast: A Look into Gleyber’s Power Surge

Last night, Gleyber Torres hit his 12th home run of the year. This number is not remarkable in and of itself, but when we consider that Torres hit just nine home runs in 2021, it’s a damn good sign.

Earlier this past week, Shanti Sepu-Chepuru at took a look at Gleyber’s resurgence both in power and overall at the plate. She highlighted his more aggressive approach, his hitting to all fields, and his hard hitting. After, I took a look and found some other details that have helped Gleyber get his power groove back in 2022. His power has increased big time against both fastballs and sliders.

Fastball 2021Fastball 2022Slider 2021Slider 2022

Torres was straight up bad against fastballs and downright powerless against sliders in 2021. To wit, his run value per 100 fastballs was a ghastly -2.2; his mark of 0.1 against sliders seems heroic in comparison. In 2022, he’s evened them both out at 0.9 per 100. As a further, more visual illustration of his improvement against fastballs and sliders, take a look at the zone charts below, 2021 first, then 2022.

Look at all that blue turning to all that red. That is a very good thing, folks.

While I don’t think we will ever see a 38 homer outburst from Torres like we did in 2019, the level of power he showed in 2020-21 was borderline unacceptable, especially given his defensive struggles. It’s great to see him hitting the ball hard again. Hopefully, he keeps it up all year.


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  1. thomas

    I think that COVID took some of his power away and now he is much more healthy.

  2. sevrox

    Eddard, ya might want to rephrase that to read ‘…don’t see anyone stopping this club through the end of the World Series’.

    • Anthony Rizzeddardo

      No, because I think the NL club is the only one that might be able to beat us. Dodgers with their pitching staff and unlimited resources. Braves are hot and dangerous. Mets have the intelligence of Buck. Padres have a good young club. I don’t see anyone else in the AL like those clubs. Rays are weaker than prior years. Jays are probably the biggest threat but still very young and not yet ready to beat this veteran Yankees club. Astros are a threat but their pitching staff isn’t as deep as ours. We’ll see what happens the next 2 weeks. It’ll be a good test instead of these dinky little Cubs and Tigers.

  3. Thomas Stanley

    Eddard. Miss ya, Bruv.

  4. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    Let’s look into Carpenter next week, Matt. My God we’ve got to get his power bat in the lineup more. What a ballplayer. I’d much rather see him than decrepit Donaldson. I said weeks ago this club reminded me of the 1998 club and they’re right on pace to be that good. Jays have been winning but gained zero ground. This club pulverizes these dinky little teams like the Cubs and Tigers. The next couple weeks will be a good test. They could effectively end the division race in June. Gleyber has been fine. I like seeing him hit for power the other way like he did yesterday. Judge will break Roger’s 61 record which still stands today. Roger is 1, Babe is 2 and Judge will eclipse both this year. And if Stanton hadn’t gotten hurt we’d be looking at a modern day Mantle-Maris HR chase. Clay Holmes looks like vintage Mariano. He needs to stay closer when Chappy returns. I just don’t see anyone stopping this club until the World Series. Nobody in the AL is even close. Banuelos needs to be put out to pasture.

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