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Wild Card Preview: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

Another year, another Wild Card game. OK, so last year was a little bit different, but tonight’s Yankees-Red Sox matchup marks the fourth time the Yankees have appeared in this round in the last five years. All of these win-or-go-home games have been a bit much on our collective hearts, wouldn’t you say? Hopefully, all of you were able to rest up and relax on yesterday’s day off. There won’t be much R&R going forward, especially if the Yankees move on, as you know.

As exhausted as the rest of MLB-fandom seems with the Yankees and Red Sox rivalary, it seems only fitting that these two clubs play once more in 2021. The Yankees chased down Boston for much of the summer, finally surpassed them late in the year, only to finish even at 92-70 each. Of course, Boston held the tiebreaker thanks to a 10-9 season series advantage, which results in tonight’s game at Fenway Park.

The Yankees-Red Sox race.

There was no thought of a Wild Card matchup between these two clubs back in June or July. It seemed like Boston was going to run away with the division, or at least, only have to fend off Tampa Bay. Meanwhile, the Yankees sputtered. And to make matters worse, the Red Sox went 7-0 against the Yanks to start the season.

Then, the Yankees turned the narrative upside down in the second half. There were some big swings, namely extended winning and losing streaks, but it summed to just enough to clinch on the last day of the season. A huge, huge help was going 9-3 against the Red Sox to finish the season, including an epic sweep in Boston a week-and-a-half ago.

Tonight’s game gets underway in a little less than eleven hours from now. We’ll have updates between now and then either here or on Twitter. For now, our preview of the Wild Card game comes after the jump:

Toronto Blue Jays Series Preview: September 28-30

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As far as regular season games go, the Yankees’ next series is about as do-or-die as you can get.  Going into the last week of the season, the Yankees are sitting in position for the first wild card spot, a single game up on the Red Sox.  After sweeping the Red Sox at Fenway to reclaim the top wild card position, the Yankees have to be riding high, but this upcoming series against the Toronto Blue Jays may be even more important – the Jays are nipping the heels of both Boston and New York, just two games behind the Yankees and one behind the Sox, and the Yankees will be tasked with this formidable squad while the Red Sox take on the 50-106 Baltimore Orioles.

Boston Red Sox Series Preview: September 24 to September 26

It is time for the most important series of the year. After yesterday’s much needed off-day following the 20 game in 20 day stretch, the Yankees shipped up to Boston for a crucial weekend series that has huge Wild Card implications. The Yankees are riding high going into this one following the sweep of Texas, and believe it or not, they are 7-3 in their last 10 games. I don’t know about you, but that sweep was quite calming after the debacle against Cleveland over the weekend. The Yankees find themselves 2 games back of Boston for that first Wild Card spot, so let’s hope they can take care of business this weekend and either tighten up that race or outright take the first spot for themselves.

Cleveland Series Preview: September 17-19

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Down to their final 15 games, the Yankees have to win, regardless of who they’re playing.  After a mortifying loss to the Orioles last night, the team sits a half-game out of the last wildcard spot.  This upcoming series with Cleveland is the second-to-last of the Yankees’ “soft” series before they finish their season with back-to-back-to-back series against their divisional and playoff rivals, so they need to make the most of it.

New York Mets Series Preview: September 10 to 12

Well, if this isn’t rock bottom for the 2021 Yankees it’s certainly close. After losing a series to the putrid Orioles, the Yankees got swept by the Blue Jays in truly embarrassing fashion. Bobby outlined just how poor they played in that series in last night’s recap. Since the 13 game winning streak, the Yankees are 2-10, lost 6 straight, and dropped 3 straight series to teams that are currently not in a playoff position. The playoff win probability chart says it all:


The Yankees playoff odds have dropped from over 95% to just over 57% with the Blue Jays nipping at their heels. The turnaround needs to start and it needs to start tonight. Luckily for the Yankees, they are not the most publicly embarrassing organization in the city and they start a 3 game series against that team – the crosstown rival Mets – tonight.

Setting baseball aside for a moment, this is a very important series because it’s the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and I’m sure the ceremonies will respectfully honor the important occasion. Hopefully it is a weekend of healing for the people and the city who can never forget what happened.

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